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Social Media Creating New Professions For The Future


Reported By: Courtnee Bo
Lara Nguyen is a 25-year-old woman who has a special talent. She is able to create any character from any show, book, or movie anyone has seen. Nguyen’s talent has been garnering a following on social media, bringing her one step closer to her dream.

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How Will Losing Net Neutrality Affect Social Media?

In light of the FCC repealing “net neutrality” rules, questions about how it will affect our daily lives are increasing including social media access…

By Tamika Adams

Ensuring Equal Education for CSUF Students…

Students struggle with many hardships on campus, but CSUF administrators and professors lean in to make sure sexual identity never gets in the way…

by Tamika Adams

The Report Program | Class Edition 4-19-18

Union protesters in San Diego, Little Mexico in Los Angeles and Baseball Season are some of the stories in this news show.

Target Near CSUF Goes Through Big Store Changes

Reported By Brock Howard

The Target located near Cal State Fullerton is going through big store changes. They have been remodeling since the end of December and have made drastic changes inside and outside the store. Here is a look at the new changes and some information on when the remodel will be completed.


Frat Life

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 1.12.52 PM.png

Reported b Carlos Andrade

Aztec Dance at La Placita Olvera


Reporter: Maricela Perez

Estela Ayala says, Danza Azteca is not a dance, it is a way of life.

A new home for our little furry friends

By: Leslie Duarte 

The OC Animal Care Center (OCAC) has a new state of the art structure. This 10 acre property is a major upgrade from its previous location in Orange.  The new building has climate controlled kennels, high tech surgical rooms and 8 large grass areas for playtime.

San Diego Working People’s Day of Action

Reported by: Michael Patterson

Earlier this year, thousands of Americans took to 10 major city centers as a part of the Working People’s Day of Action. Attendees of the San Diego rally included teachers, social workers and machine workers. The President of the American Federation Teachers, Randi Weingarten and Executive Vice President of the AFL-CIO Tefere Gebre were among the guest speakers at the event.

Pixar Fest Takes Over


Reported By: Cory Mak

On April 13, Disney unveiled their Pixar Fest in celebration of the release of the 20th Pixar film this year, located at

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The Los Angeles Angels and Rookie Shohei Ohtani


Reported by: Alyssa Freyder

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have had rocky starts the past four years, and haven’t made playoffs since. But, this season is starting out different with new additions to the roster, including Japanese player, Shohei Ohtani. The Angels have had their best start to a season in franchise history, and are considered to have the best offense in the league. Only time will tell where this season will take Shohei Ohtani and the Angels. 

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High Adrenaline, High Risk

Reported by: Ryan Matthey

When you live for the adrenaline and seek the risks, life can change in an instant. No one knows this better than one of our very own CSUF students.

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Placita Olvera

Reporter: Brenda Gonzalez

Living in a diverse state, it shouldn’t be a surprise to have some Mexican heritage in greater Los Angeles.
La Placita Olvera is a touristic spot not only for foreigners but for locals as well.
La placita offers authentic Mexican attire, dance, music, food and guarantees you to have a good time.

Should We Install Cameras In CSUF Parking Structures?


Reported By: Courtnee Bo

California State University, Fullerton is known for being a commuter school.  Students stay on campus for long periods of time, whether it is for classes or extracurricular activities.  Leaving their cars alone for so long leaves it at risk of being hit or broken into.  Some students have had trouble with hit and runs, but no way to find evidence of what happened. Continue reading “Should We Install Cameras In CSUF Parking Structures?”

Live Más Like Christian Aguilar

If you’re a college student looking for some extra cash, Taco Bell’s Live Más scholarship is offering large amounts of money to innovators, creators, and dreamers. Cal State Fullerton student Christian Aguilar shares his experience on being granted the scholarship.

Reporting by Hiba Bary

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Dreamers UNITE!


The Report Program | Class Edition 4-12-18

In this special edition of the Report Program, our reporters explore the possible CSUF tuition hike, ASI latest concert and the annual Knott’s Boysenberry festival.

Concert Left Hanging


Reported By: Cory Mak

At this year’s Spring Concert at CSUF, the field was filled with food, drinks, music, as well as scandal.

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Eyeglass Store of OC

Reporter: Maricela Perez

Anthony Vasquez, owner of the Eyeglass Store of OC, helps the community of Santa Ana by donating prescription eyeglasses to low-income students and homeless college students. His involvement in the community has won him recognition. He not only helps by donating eyeglasses, he also offers his location as a resource center and is working on creating a program to help homeless college students.

Millenials v.s. Social Media



Breaking Gender Stereotypes One Picture At A Time


Reported By: Courtnee Bo

The world of beauty and gender are steadily evolving as male models are now advertising beauty products in full faces of makeup.  These new role models are redefining the definition of masculinity.

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Potential CSU Tuition Increase Impacting CSUF Students

Reported by: Michael Patterson

In just a few weeks, California Governor Jerry Brown will release revisions to the California state budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year that were proposed back in January.

The budget has large implications for the California State University system as it faces once again having to increase tuition rates across it’s 23 campuses.

Alarm sounds off on campus

By: Leslie Daurte

On Tuesday, April 12th an alarm went off on campus to notify students, and staff of a campus wide emergency fire evacuation drill. Sue Fisher, emergency management coordinator and students shared there thought on the event.



2018 ASI Spring Concert

This year’s Spring Concert was the highest grossing event to ever be held at Cal State Fullerton thanks to headliner performs Kehlani and Metro Boomin. However, the night ended unexpectedly with one of the main performers having to pull out of the show last minute.

Reporting by Hiba Bary

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What do you do?

Reporter: Brenda Gonzalez

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But who walks in LA?


Several weekends a year, the American Studies program of both Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Long Beach are given an opportunity to explore Los Angeles like never before.  Continue reading “But who walks in LA?”

The Good Hair Day: Is It Real?

Reported by: Ryan Matthey

Having a good hair day has been linked to improved self-esteem and happiness for those experiencing them. However, is the hair to blame for this success or is it all in their head?

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Knott’s Berry Farms Boysenberry Festival

Reported By: Alyssa Freyder

The Boysenberry Festival is a food-inspired celebration of the berry that made Knott’s Berry Farm famous, the boysenberry. This annual festival features over 80 boysenberry-inspired dishes for guests to try. Some of these dishes include boysenberry quesadillas, boysenberry elite, boysenberry coconut macaroons, and more. There are also hundreds of boysenberry inspired gift shop items like boysenberry soap, boysenberry body wash, and boysenberry chapstick. Make sure to get your boysenberry fix at Knott’s Berry Farm!

The Report Program | Class Edition. 4-5-18

In this special edition of the Report Program, our reporters explore many subjects such as the “March For Our Lives” movement, West Covina City Hall hearing for the sanctuary state law hearing and Easter egg Hunt celebration in Anaheim.


The Report Program | Class Edition Spring 2018


This edition of The Report Program, covers issues related to fair pay for Disneyland employees, social media usage in the food industry, the influence of drag in gay culture, and more.

Farmers Market at Cal State Fullerton

Reported By Brock Howard

Cal State Fullerton students who want something a little more than what the local food court has to offer can purchase fresh and locally grown foods on campus at the farmers market held every other Tuesday in the quad.


Gun Violence and Gun Rights


Reported By: Alyssa Freyder

The right to bear arms is in our second amendment, and many people still believe in that right today. But in light of recent mass shootings, there has been a nationwide call for gun control. So, why is there still people out there who believe in gun rights, and why do they still want guns?


Social Media Converts Attention Spans


With the advent of social media on the rise, millennials attention spans have decreased as they spend more of their time scrolling through social media apps. With interation

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Teachers and Guns

picture for gun

Reporter: Brenda Gonzalez

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March for Our Lives- Irvine, CA

Reporter: Maricela Perez

After the Parkland, Florida shooting people are asking for a gun reform. On March 24, people took the street to march for their lives. Youth, children, parents and grandparents participated in this nation wide movement.

Challenging Identity Through Art

Currently, at the CSUF Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, Yasmine Kasem’s exhibit Mwasah challenges conventional ideas of identity and grief. We spoke with the artist to find out more about her process for developing the collection.

Reported by: Tamika Adams

West Covina City Council Debates Sanctuary State Law

Reported by: Michael Patterson

Supporters and Detractors of Senate Bill 54, the sanctuary state law, clashed at the West Covina City Hall this Tuesday as the council decided whether it would take a formal stance on the bill moving forward.

Easter Egg Hunt



On Sunday April 1st, The Anaheim Market Place held a free Easter Celebration for families and kids of all ages. The event hosted performances from local groups, carnival games, bounce houses, and crafts for the kids.  The kids also joined in an Easter extravaganza and collected eggs filled with goodies.  CLICK VIDEO FOR MORE DETAILS By: Leslie Duarte


Love, The Future of LGBTQ Cinema

Reported by: Ryan Matthey

A new film is giving representation to a group who doesn’t always receive it. LGBTQ or not, audiences are raving about “Love, Simon” and hopeful for what this means for the future of LGBTQ mainstream films.

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AAU Basketball Controversy


Reported by: Courtnee Bo

The Amateur Athletic Union, or the AAU, has been called out for some of their coaches’ unethical style of recruitment.  The coaches have began recruiting young players personally without consulting the child’s parents first.

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Huntington Beach, more than Surfing.

Nowadays with millennialls taking over, we have been seen new popular trends arise. For instance, food. It is not out of the ordinary to be a “foodie” these days. In this very small video, we take you to explore Huntington Beach, also known as SurfCity,  on the wide variety of restaurants and gastronomic areas.

Reported by Alejandra Trueba


The Fulfillment Fund and a Legacy of Changing Lives

Reported by: Alyssa Freyder


A Legacy for Changing Lives Gala is honoring Cherna and Gary Gitnick for their forty years of service. They are co-founders of the Fulfillment Fund, a foundation dedicated to making college a reality for the younger generations. Many celebrities came out to support the foundation and the importance of a college education. The foundation plans to continue growing and help youth all over the nation.

Gay Culture vs Drag Culture


By Cory Mak

Club and bars with drag shows are often hosted all over the world by queens from the show allowing the world to catch a glimpse into the lives of gay culture, mini stages are lit up by queens that sing, dance, act, do comedy, etc.

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Holi Hangout

The spring equinox begins on March 20th and to mark the start of the new season the International Friendship Club at CSUF hosted the event Holi Hangout. Holi, also known as the festival of colors, is a traditional Hindu holiday that celebrates the victory of good versus evil.

Reporting by Hiba Bary

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The Life of Jacob Perez

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Santa Ana River homeless encampment is cleared


Reporter: Maricela Perez

A federal judge uplifts the straining order and Orange County clears the homeless encampment from alongside the Santa Ana River. Many of them wonder where they will go.

Titan Recreation Center: The Perfect Place to Balance Work and Play

Reported By Brock Howard

The Titan Recreation Center right on the CSUF Campus is the perfect place to go and balance your school work with getting active and exercising. It is important for students to go out and get active , to get their mind off the stresses of school work for a while and get exercise. Going to the Titan Recreation Center is also a great way to meet new people and socialize with fellow Titans!


Is more guns on campus the answer?

Due to recent tragedies and rising anxieties, Continue reading “Is more guns on campus the answer?”

OC Animal Care Center is Moving

BY: Leslie Duarte

The OC animal care center is moving to Tustin. The Shelter has been in the city of orange sine 1950, and is beloved by the community, but the move will bring better quality for the animals and staff. PLAY VIDEO

Southern California Special Olympics Athletes Suit Up for 2018 Floor Hockey Championship

Reported by: Michael Patterson

This past weekend, over 200 Special Olympics athletes from across Southern California came to Huntington Beach to compete in the 2018 Floor Hockey Championship.

The tournament looked to promote competition and inclusion for children and adults with intellectual disabilities through sports.

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