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Huntington Beach, more than Surfing.

Nowadays with millennialls taking over, we have been seen new popular trends arise. For instance, food. It is not out of the ordinary to be a “foodie” these days. In this very small video, we take you to explore Huntington Beach, also known as SurfCity,  on the wide variety of restaurants and gastronomic areas.

Reported by Alejandra Trueba


The Fulfillment Fund and a Legacy of Changing Lives

Reported by: Alyssa Freyder


A Legacy for Changing Lives Gala is honoring Cherna and Gary Gitnick for their forty years of service. They are co-founders of the Fulfillment Fund, a foundation dedicated to making college a reality for the younger generations. Many celebrities came out to support the foundation and the importance of a college education. The foundation plans to continue growing and help youth all over the nation.

Gay Culture vs Drag Culture


By Cory Mak

Club and bars with drag shows are often hosted all over the world by queens from the show allowing the world to catch a glimpse into the lives of gay culture, mini stages are lit up by queens that sing, dance, act, do comedy, etc.

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Holi Hangout

The spring equinox begins on March 20th and to mark the start of the new season the International Friendship Club at CSUF hosted the event Holi Hangout. Holi, also known as the festival of colors, is a traditional Hindu holiday that celebrates the victory of good versus evil.

Reporting by Hiba Bary

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The Life of Jacob Perez

Continue reading “The Life of Jacob Perez”

Santa Ana River homeless encampment is cleared


Reporter: Maricela Perez

A federal judge uplifts the straining order and Orange County clears the homeless encampment from alongside the Santa Ana River. Many of them wonder where they will go.

Titan Recreation Center: The Perfect Place to Balance Work and Play

The Titan Recreation Center right on the CSUF Campus is the perfect place to go and balance your school work with getting active and exercising. It is important for students to go out and get active , to get their mind off the stresses of school work for a while and get exercise. Going to the Titan Recreation Center is also a great way to meet new people and socialize with fellow Titans!

Reported by Brock Howard, CSUF News

Is more guns on campus the answer?

Due to recent tragedies and rising anxieties, Continue reading “Is more guns on campus the answer?”

OC Animal Care Center is Moving

BY: Leslie Duarte

The OC animal care center is moving to Tustin. The Shelter has been in the city of orange sine 1950, and is beloved by the community, but the move will bring better quality for the animals and staff. PLAY VIDEO

Southern California Special Olympics Athletes Suit Up for 2018 Floor Hockey Championship

Reported by: Michael Patterson

This past weekend, over 200 Special Olympics athletes from across Southern California came to Huntington Beach to compete in the 2018 Floor Hockey Championship.

The tournament looked to promote competition and inclusion for children and adults with intellectual disabilities through sports.

Working for the Mouse Isn’t Always Working for the Wallet


Reported by: Ryan Matthey

While Mickey Mouse is always grinning ear to ear, many of his employees are not. A recent survey of Disneyland Resort union workers is sparking the discussion of fair pay for cast members and how they may achieve it.

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Be prepared! You never know when they’ll hit.


Living in a state where the weather is perfect makes it a desirable place to live at. But only those who live here know that as Californians we live with fright because “The Big One” is long due and ready to strike.
Living in a sunny state, with little rains dries our land and kills our plants. Making it vulnerable to catch on fire easily.
It is crucial to be ready for such unexpected hits. CERT, is a community program that is willing to help out the community to know how to act in case of a natural disaster or emergency.

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Social Media Is The New Form Of Advertising

insta food

Reported By: Courtnee Bo

Restaurants have been using platforms such as instagram and facebook to market their latest or most popular items. The consistent traction to their pages has helped many businesses gain more customers creating a chain reaction for other restaurants to make “picture worthy” food.

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Marijuana Dispensaries

Continue reading “Marijuana Dispensaries”

Changes to Disney’s California Adventure

Continue reading “Changes to Disney’s California Adventure”

Online dating

Continue reading “Online dating”

Anger on the road

Continue reading “Anger on the road”

Fullerton Hills Scare

Dec. 6th, on the 900 block of Laguna Rd., a two-alarm fire broke out in the midst of raging Santa Ana winds. Quick and concise response by emergency personnel ensured the safety of the residents and their property.

High Tuition, but is it Worth it?

By now we are all too aware of the rising costs of tuition and education in general in this country. But is this expensive, lengthy process preparing us for a successful career or has it grown into another business out to make a buck?

Bridgetown DIY

Reporter: Sharon Cardona


BridgeTown DIY is a small music venue where a bunch of young adults create alternative events such art galleries, concerts, and mental health workshops.  I went to the Bridgetown on a Wednesday night to see a live performance and learned how they make successful events despite having financial hardships.

Continue reading “Bridgetown DIY”

Cigarette Clean up

Reporter: Sharon Cardona

Although Cal State Fullerton is a smoke-free campus, there are cigarette butts found all over campus. One student organization decides to clean up the mess while also advising students to avoid smoking on school grounds.

Continue reading “Cigarette Clean up”

The Coolab

Robert King goes to Santa Ana to check out the open mic known as the Coolab.

Spirited Away Screening

Reported by Miri Sonoda

Nuart Theatre in Santa Monica had the one-night screening for a Japanese animation movie called “Spirited Away.” The movie is one of Miyazaki movies about a girl who wonders in a spirited world. It won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2003. While the movie came out a while ago, why Nuart Theatre decided to have its screening? Continue reading “Spirited Away Screening”

Road Rage

Pixar Pier

Cal State Fullerton Parking Permit

Zombie Fest

Reported by Sharon Cardona

The annual Zombie Fest has invaded Long Beach.The spooky festival took place at the Rainbow Lagoon park by the pier in Long Beach.Hundreds of flesh-eating folks gathered for a fun three-day weekend on Oct. 20- 22nd. The infectious night consisted of live music, dance workshops for Michael Jackson’s  ‘Thriller’, food trucks,  and the infamous Zombie Walk. I went to to the event to report on the bloody gore and thrill.



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Release Your Anger and Stress with Some Yoga

By: Gabriella Castania

This year’s unpredictable events have caused more stress and anger in people than usual. Yoga is a great outlet and has been proven to affect people both mentally and physically positively.

Continue reading “Release Your Anger and Stress with Some Yoga”

Women Angry At Society

Reported by: Nicole King

With the recent social movement of women standing up to sexual harassment, they are also coming together to express their anger about the stereotypes and expectations of women in society.

End of the Year Stress and Anxiety

By: Terry Gaines

With 2017 coming to an end, students at California State University, Fullerton spoke with me and shared their thoughts on coping with the pressure of finals and life’s everyday stressors.

Continue reading “End of the Year Stress and Anxiety”

Finals Fury

Reported by Jessica Lucero

Politics & Road Rage

By: Emma Perla

Do recent political events in America have a link to road rage? Continue reading “Politics & Road Rage”

Tragedy Strikes Vegas, Time for Gun Control?

By Alyssa Ruiz

Tragedy struck Las Vegas on October 1, 2017 when a man opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Killing 58 people and injuring over 500, this massacre became modern American’s deadliest mass shooting. Since then, the topic of gun control has been brought up, and has angered many.

Continue reading “Tragedy Strikes Vegas, Time for Gun Control?”

Road Rage

By: Victor Cholico

Aggressive driving has always been a huge problem, rude gestures and violence are frequently reported. With many student commuting to Cal State Fullerton, how do they deal with road rage, and how do they stay calm instead of letting the anger get to them?


Continue reading “Road Rage”

Driving Angry

By: Jessica Cardenas

Living in Southern California, many experience anger while on the road but the effects of driving mad lead to extremely dangerous consequences.

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Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.23.33 PM

Photo Courtesy: Shutterstock                                              

Reported by: Xochilt Lagunas

Hangry, a state of anger caused by lack of food. Everyone has experienced being hangry at some point in their life time but what gets us to that point. Continue reading “Hangry”

Yoga in the Age of Anger

Robert King takes a look how to stay calm by using yoga during these tumultuous times. He looks at people who have not contained their anger and talks to a local yoga instructor about how the practice helped her.

Anger to Immigration Policy

Reported by Miri Sonoda

The third version of Travel Ban from President Donald Trump’s administration got approved by Supreme Court on Monday. Now, 8 countries will be affected by this latest Tavel Ban. This decision seems to uprise anger and tension between people and government. How will it affect CSUF students? They shared their opinions and feelings toward the issue. Continue reading “Anger to Immigration Policy”

Ways To Relieve Anger

Reported By: Klaritza Rico

From political unrest to natural disaster and protests there is so much to be angry about these days. Despite, all that’s going on people have their own way of getting through and coping with these hard times.

Students on campus react to the impending vote on Net Neutrality

Report by Matthew Kirkland

Continue reading “Students on campus react to the impending vote on Net Neutrality”

Tension Rising at Cal State Fullerton

By: Mark Chemali

Since Trump was sworn in back in January, tensions seem to be rising at CSUF. The once peaceful university seems to now be a hub for political activism. Safety is a concern now for students coming to class where before, there was comfort in knowing the campus was peaceful and accepting.

Continue reading “Tension Rising at Cal State Fullerton”

MICROAGGRESSIONS: The Hurtful & Hostile Comments

The term “Microaggressions,” has gotten a lot of controversy lately. Here’s why.

Reported by Tyrah Majors

Do you do it for the passion or for the likes?

Reporter: Sharon Cardona


There is a sense of rush when a picture online gets a ton of likes. With Instagram being the best platform to show one’s artistic creativity, there’s this sense of pressure for people to get a bunch of likes to feel like their work is valid. I interviewed models and photographers to see if they put out their work to express their artistic individuality or to show off their popularity through the likes.

Continue reading “Do you do it for the passion or for the likes?”


By: Jessica Cardenas

Social Media has allowed us to stay connected and network with anyone across the globe. But living in a participatory culture online opens a door to the dark side of social media: Cyberbullying.

Continue reading “Cyberbullying”

Why Do Our Phones Stop Us From Being Productive?

By: Emma Perla

A look into our new generation’s obsession with phones.

This is NOT Fake News

Since the 2016 presidential elections, fake news has been blamed for not just its outcome, but for the emergence of the Alt-right movement. So how can we separate fact from fiction? Dr. Daniel Sutko explains how to be media literate in today’s social media world.

Social Media and Time Management

By: Terry Gaines

Social media gives individuals the opportunity to connect with those they care about. While applications such as Snapchat, and Twitter provide entertainment, can time spent online negatively impact your grades? I spoke with Ofir Turel, a professor at California State University, Fullerton, to find out more.

Continue reading “Social Media and Time Management”

Dating in the Modern Age

The dating game has drastically changed with apps that allow you to meet up with people without the usual awkward in person conversation. But how do people feel about it?

By Mia Agraviador


Online Dating


Continue reading “Online Dating”

Students Stress with Social Media

social media apps

Reported by: Xochilt Lagunas                                             Photo Courtesy: Neurogadget

It’s not a surprise for social media to be one of the main reasons causing students stress in today’s society. Jeanette Lomeli who’s the Nicholas Academic Centers Assistant Director of Mentoring and Social Services shares some advice that’ll help many students stay away from stress. Continue reading “Students Stress with Social Media”

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