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Reporters Reel

Short demo-reels highlighting reporters work.

Brock Howard – Demo Reel

This is my very first demo reel composed of different projects created by myself in a TV News Production class at Cal State Fullerton.




Follow me through my journey of digital storytelling on The Report Program.

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Michael Patterson – Demo Reel

Cory Mak — Demo Reel

Demo Reel by: Cory Mak

Take a look at some highlights and compilations of my work anchoring, reporting, and covering for The Report Program this semester.


Hiba Bary Demo Reel

Maricela Perez- Spring ’18 Demo Reel

Tamika Adams – Demo Reel

As an aspiring multimedia journalist and producer, I have compiled clips and footage from my student work at Cal State University, Fullerton. The reel includes graphics, stand-ups, anchor work, videography, and a sample package. Enjoy and thanks for watching!


Alyssa Freyder- Demo Reel

This is a compilation of my work as a reporter, anchor, editor, videographer, and a complete package.

Brenda Gonzalez- Demo Reel

A short recap of some of my reporting work for for Comm 372!

Ryan Matthey – Demo Reel

This demo reel is a compilation of my work as a student at California State University, Fullerton. It includes stand-ups, anchor work, videography, and packages.

Demo-Reel: Courtnee Bo

Demo-Reel by: Courtnee Bo

A highlight of some of my stand ups, anchoring, and stories.  Continue reading “Demo-Reel: Courtnee Bo”

Leslie Duarte

Three years  of hard work at Cal state Fullerton University has paid off. Here is a clip that show cases my work.

Mia agraviador’s Demo Reel

Emma Perla Demo Reel




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Jessica Lucero’s Reporting Reel

Alyssa Ruiz’s Demo Reel

Reel includes clips of on-camera, anchoring and editing skills.

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Klaritza Rico Demo Reel

This is my demo reel that displays all the stories I have covered throughout the semester.


Xochilt Lagunas’ Demo Reel

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Victor Cholico – Demo Reel

By: Victor Cholico

A demo reel showing some of the work I have done throughout the semester. Including stand-ups, packages, and anchor reads.


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Gabriella Castania’s Demo Reel

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Jessica Cardenas’ Demo Reel

By: Jessica Cardenas

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Matthew Kessler’s Reel

I’m a senior at CSUF, I begin my last semester this spring and look forward to a challenging and fast-paced career as a Multimedia Journalist. My time as a United States Marine gives me a unique perspective and unmatched discipline, that I’m eager to bring to the industry. These clips were produced during the Spring and Fall of 2017.

Sharon Cardona-Demo Reel

Reporter: Sharon Cardona


Here are snippets of my live stand-ups that I’ve reported throughout the semester and a package discussing social media affecting the works of professional photographers and models.

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Tyrah Majors Demo Reel


Robert King’s Demo Reel

Terry Gaines’ Demo Reel

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Jorian Goldbach’s Demo Reel

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Miri Sonoda Demo Reel


I am Miri Sonoda, a senior in broadcast journalism major at California State University, Fullerton. Since I am an international student from Japan, this demo reel can show you my reporting skills that can bring diversity into the media.

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Matthew Kirkland – Demo Reel

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Mark Chemali’s Demo Reel

This is a short reel of some of the work that I have done at Cal State Fullerton in 2017.

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Demo Reel

Riley Carroll demo reel 5/18/17


James Butts Demo Reel

Alliyah’s Demo Reel

Chanelle Riggan Reel

Lucas Der Mugrdechian Demo Reel

A short demo reel to show of a semester of my work as a reporter at CSUF.

Naomi Osuna Demo Reel

CSUF Student’s Demo Reel

By: Naomi Osuna

Monica De Anda – Demo Reel

Estrella Monreal Demo Reel

Taylor Martinez’s Demo Reel

CSUF Broadcast Journalism student demo reel.

Demo Reel

By Robert Pike

A demo of my demo reel that demonstrates my ability to reel in potential employers by demonstrating my film and technical abilities by uploading a video of me demoing a demo reel

Brenda Villa – Demo Reel

Regina Yurrita – Demo Reel

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Sarah Hidalgo’s Reporter Reel

link to reporter reel:

Ana Aragon – Demo Reel

Demo reel for broadcast journalist, Ana Aragon, at California State University, Fullerton.

Guillermo Mendez – Reporter/Anchor Demo Reel

A brief demo real by Guillermo Mendez, an aspiring broadcast journalist, who would like to work as a sportscaster one day.

Demo reel by: Guillermo Mendez

Scarlett Lobo – Demo Reel


Jeanay Jensen – Reporter Reel

By Jeanay Jensen

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Kelsi Brink Demo

By Kelsi Brink

A short demo reel to highlight work that I have done throughout the semester.

Taylor Rodriguez Reel

Lucero Aburto Demo Reel

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