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The Target is Change




Here at the Target on Yorba Linda next to Cal State Fullerton, changes are arriving this spring  as early as March or April.

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A Day in the Life of a Firefighter

Reported by Alyssa Freyder

Firefighters do so much for our country every day. They attend to medical emergencies as well as fires, as well as maintaining their engines and equipment.  Continue reading “A Day in the Life of a Firefighter”

A Night at Disneyland: My Trip through Space Mountain

Reported By Brock Howard

The front entrance of Disneyland has a multitude of visitors either leaving or just entering the park with mixed emotions on each face. Some faces of relief and of exhaustion, on the other hand those entering the park have looks of excitement and anxiousness.

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Soy Yo Festival at Cal State Fullerton

February 5, 2018


Reported by Tamika Adams

In an effort to provide cultural awareness and exploring different parts of Latinx identities, the Chicana and Chicano Resource Center in collaboration with the Housing and Residental Engagement Department created the So Yo Festival. Which translates to “to be”. Continue reading “Soy Yo Festival at Cal State Fullerton”

The Thomas Fire: Two Months Later

1 shot

Reported by Michael Patterson

Just over two months ago; many parts of Ventura County, such as The Ojai Valley became engulfed in flames by The Thomas Fire. The largest wildfire in California’s recorded history. Continue Reading

Santa Ana Artwalk Gives Exposure to Local Artists

Reported by Ryan Matthey

Artists of all calibers join together to showcase their work during the Artwalk in Downtown Santa Ana. On the first Saturday of every month, the vibrant scene gives visibility to painters, musicians, dancers, fashion designers and other artists despite their level of previous recognition. Continue reading “Santa Ana Artwalk Gives Exposure to Local Artists”

Art that speaks louder than words

Reported by: Maricela Perez

TADLA 5.png
The Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles is decorated with vibrant colored artwork. Art that expresses, inspires and has a message or a historical meaning.

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King of the Hammers 2018


 Once every year thousands of spectators & competitors roll into Johnson Valley to race in King of the Hammers

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Swamp meet vendors


The swamp meet is, in other words, a pop-up mall that is only open Saturday’s and Sunday’s at a community college parking lot. It provides the public the opportunity to go eat, shop and relax.

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Featured post

Two countries, One city.

Reported by: Alejandra Trueba

 It never ceases to amaze me what you can find inside a city, and even more when it has to do with different cultures. One across the pacific ocean far away, one across the border but both close with a little representation within the great city of Los Angeles. Continue reading

The Undocumented Americans march for their citizenship

Reported By: Leslie Duarte


On Saturday February  3rd, hundreds of dreamer met at the UCLA campus in Westwood to rally for a Clean Dream Act. Their message was for congress to pass fair immigration policies.


Some people forget that DACA recipients are diverse in culture, race, age, religion sex and gender. The attendants on Saturday’s march reflected that diversity and made the march one of the most diverse DACA rally yet.


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Losing the Love of Your Life

Reported By: Courtnee Bo

After spending more than 70 years with someone, how does one cope when they’re gone?  Grieving the loss of a loved one is hard, but not if someone is surrounded by others.

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Recruiting for ETC

It’s the start of a new semester and the Entertainment & Tourism Club is looking for new members! Cal State Fullerton’s largest communications club offers students rare opportunities to network with top industry professionals, attend TV tapings, work/attend prestigious award shows and more!

Reporting by Hiba Bary

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Tamika Adams – Digital Storyteller


From audio to visual storytelling, I strive to find human connections and showcase them in digital formats. I’m excited to collaborate and share stories of the OC and beyond. Follow me @_tamika_adams on Twitter for developing stories –

Selena Gets Her Star In Hollywood​

Last Friday the famous Mexican-American Tejano music star, Selena Quintanilla finally got her star in Hollywood; 22 years after her death. Fans headed to Hollywood to celebrate this memorable moment.


Zombie Frappuccino​

Reported By: Klaritza Rico

Starbucks debuted their new zombie frappucino this past week that had the internet and social media going crazy over the unique Halloween themed drink.


Come Fly With Me

Sports Break Barriers​

By Miri Sonoda

Soccer is one of the ways that bring the world together.

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Set Some Goals, Then Demolish Them

By Gabriella Castania

1st pic
For over 16 years 22-year-old varsity soccer player, Joanna Perone, has dedicated her life to playing soccer. She has played in youth leagues, during high school, for several travel teams, and now for Hope International University. There is nothing she loves more than being on the field.

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A Mother’s Love for Her Child

Reported by: Jessica Cardenas

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Why not start from scratch?

Reported by Xochilt Lagunas


Daisy Lagunas, 18, is tired of store bought pancake mix and has decided to make her own home made batter.

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Habitat for Humanity Build Day

   Reported by Terry Gaines


Habitat for Humanity of Orange County had their annual staff build day over the weekend. This block of four homes is located in Santa Ana, and the expected completion date is December 2017.

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Mauricio’s First Baseball Game : by Matthew Kessler

Fighting with Foam: A look inside CSUF’s ‘Khazad-Dûm’

From the “Mines of Moria” to the fields of Fullerton, “Khazad-Dûm” is a realm of Belegarth that fights with medieval weapons and shields that are made out of a soft but rigid foam. Belegarth, “is a world-wide organization with groups in many countries, our membership is eclectic with students, professionals, and families actively participating,” according to their website. “We share an interest in medieval combat, medieval arts and sciences, and, to some extent, live-action role-playing.”

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Reported by: Klaritza RicoIMG_1392
The game begins on the Monday evening of Labor Day with the Los Angles Dodgers playing against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The weather is near 100 degrees but you’re not worried about the heat because for the first time you get to see your LA team play the game from the stadium suite.

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Nicole Chemali’s Magical Mouse Ears

Reported By: Mark Chemali



Nicole, 16, is a Senior in high school.  She likes anything that has to do with Disney.  For the past two years, she has been creating her own versions of the famous mouse ears that are known worldwide. Continue reading “Nicole Chemali’s Magical Mouse Ears”

A Day at Walnut Creek Nature Park

IMG_4356By Victor Cholico

Children today spend most of their time using electronics than going outside to play. Visiting a local park can help children get their minds of electronics and get some exercise. As soon as arriving to the park Valerie and Isaac ran to the obstacle courses.

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Reported by Tyrah Majors

  Black Titans may be only 2% of Cal State Fullerton’s student population, but that doesn’t stop us from having a good time!

Black Welcome Week went up with a BANG. It is a series of events, usually taking place over the first week or second week of the school semester. It is a time for new students to learn as much as they can about black organizations on campus.

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Labor-ful Labor Day

Reported by Mia Agraviador


While most students had the day off during Labor Day, it was business as usual at the Daily Titan as the staff came in to work on the paper despite the holiday.

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Reported by Miri Sonoda

parking linear
Fall 2017 semester starts and new students enter California State University, Fullerton. At the beginning of every semester, the first struggles they face are traffic and parking.

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Let’s Get some Pho

By:Sharon Cardona
phooo revised
Julian Pluas is looking for a restaurant that sells delicious Pho. He decides to go to Pho 5 in Diamond Bar owned by a single Father.

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Saturday’s Are For The Boys

By Jordan Campbell-Read


This Summer the Arroyo Seco Saints baseball team played in their inaugural season of California Collegiate League. About 40 players, 4 coaches, and 7 interns all came out from around the country to Brookside Park in Pasadena, CA to make their mark in this prestigious league.

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Sunday Fun Day at the Ballpark

By Alyssa Ruiz


Over Labor Day weekend the Ruiz family decided to spend their Sunday in San Diego at Petco Park watching the San Diego Padres play the Los Angeles Dodgers. The family are die hard Dodger fans and enjoy visiting as many ballparks as they can during season. Although their team lost that day, that didn’t stop them from enjoying their day in the sun with the company of their family.

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Saturday Night Lights

Photo essay by Jorian Goldbach

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Snorkeling at Cabos San Lucas by Estrella Monreal


Cabo San Lucas located on the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, in the Mexican state of Baja California.It is one of Mexico’s most popular vacationing places. For winter break I decided to take a trip to this beautiful destination. There were many activities they offered us to do during our one week stay. We wanted something that would take us to the famous arch and all the beaches that surrounded the rock. Continue reading “Snorkeling at Cabos San Lucas by Estrella Monreal”

CSUF is where you discover yourself – Photo Essay by Brenda Villa

Student life and leadership hosts this two day event where students can engage in school by joining organizations, sports, and meet new friends.

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Motivation, It all starts with you.

Photo Essay by: Naomi Osuna


It all starts with you. When you put your mind to it and you set a goal you can accomplish anything.

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I went to my first hockey game, and it didn’t suck.

Photo Essay by James Butts


You see it on TV with big hits, brawls, and slapshots but what is the experience like for someone coming to their first hockey game with no knowledge of hockey or of what to expect. On Tuesday January 12th I attended a hockey game of the Colorado Avalanche vs the Anaheim Ducks to first hand experience this situation.

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A Sunny Day at the Snow By Regina Yurrita

Gema Navarro and her father take a trip every winter break to enjoy some quality time and to see the snow. This year they thought they could simply just take pictures and jump off small snow banks. Here is a photo of her ready to show her excitement as she prepares jump off of one.

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Starbucks Supervisor: Day In The Life – by Ana Aragon

Along with many college campuses, California State University, Fullerton is very familiar with busy people with busy schedules. College students love caffeine and for those coffee lovers out there, CSUF has two Starbucks locations: one at Mihaylo and one at the Pollack Library. From the time they open to the time they close, coffee aficionados wait in long lines to get their daily cup of joe. To keep the day running smoothly, supervisors save the day by making sure customers get their drinks and baristas keep the line moving.

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A Team’s Road to Their First Competition by Monica De Anda


These girls began their journey back in May of 2016. At first they were strangers to one another, but as time passed, they became like sisters, all striving toward one goal. Continue reading “A Team’s Road to Their First Competition by Monica De Anda”

A Musician’s Home

Photo Essay By Lucas Der Mugrdechian

Musicians must practice daily to work on their craft. They often spend hours in the practice rooms on campus. Working alone for hours on end can be tiresome, so they will often try and play together. This provides a connection between people through music.

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Little girls can be Superheroes too

Photo Story by Elizabeth Muratalla


Superheroes aren’t only for boys anymore. Gizelle Lopez didn’t want to have a princess party she decided she wanted a superhero party because her mom always tells her she can do anything she sets her mind too. Her favorite television show is DC Super Hero Girls.

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Life’s A Climb, But The View Is Great

Photo Story By: Sarah Hidalgo

Staying physically active can sometimes feel like a chore but when you find a way to make working out fun you become more motivated and excited. Eddie Diaz usually works out in the gym, but on the weekends he likes to get outside and venture out. El Moro Canyon is one of his go-to hiking spots and is located at Crystal Cove State Park. They have many different trails, and each trail has a different intensity and length to pick from. (Eddie is doing the 3-mile ocean view hike here) Continue reading “Life’s A Climb, But The View Is Great”

Walking With a Purpose by Chanelle Riggan


On Tuesday January 31st CSUF students gathered on campus for a peaceful protest. The protest formed due to the CSU system’s decision to increase tuition. . Continue reading “Walking With a Purpose by Chanelle Riggan”

NHL All-Star Weekend by Alliyah Becerra


The NHL All-Star Game was held at The Staples Center in Los Angeles this year. This was an exciting time for Angelinos, who haven’t had an NHL All-Star Game in their hometown for 15 years!

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3D Print of Battery Case by Guillermo Mendez

3d-printing-process20170130_0002 Continue reading “3D Print of Battery Case by Guillermo Mendez”

The Man Who Lives in a Tent: Photo Essay by Jeanay Jensen


Bill Lesher is a recent retiree and divorce. He was a computer programmer and network engineer.  Now he chooses to live a life very far from comfort and technology. Continue reading “The Man Who Lives in a Tent: Photo Essay by Jeanay Jensen”

The Jam of the Monsters

Photo Story By: Taylor Martinez

Angels Stadium held another Monster Jam show on January 28, 2017. The drivers and trucks featured for the night included: Adam Anderson in Grave Digger, Neil Elliot in Max-D, Todd Leduc in Monster Energy, Marc McDonald in El Toro Loco, Scott Buetow in Team Hot Wheels, Colt Stevens in FS1 Cleatus, Jim Creten in Bounty Hunter, Dawn Creten in Scarlet Bandit, Rosalee Ramer in Wild Flower, Kelvin Ramer in Time Flys, Rick Swanson in Obsession, Eric Swanson in Obsessed, Buddy Tompkins in Razin’ Kane, and Roy Pridgeon in  Ice Cream Man.

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A Day in the Life: College Student Struggling with Anxiety, CassidyJo Fortin

It is no surprise that college students are going to have to deal with stress – between classes, work, paying expenses, and balancing a social life it can become overwhelming. For some students, this results in the development of an anxiety disorder, which could be harmful to their academic career if they fail to speak out about their struggles. Many believe that having anxiety is shameful, but  changing the social norm by being open about the struggle can ultimately lead to a healthier, happier life.

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