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CSUF Student debate Gun Control in America.



Gun control

By: Leslie Duarte

One would think that after Sandy hook, Las Vegas, and now Parkland, Florida we would have fixed our gun laws, but  again we are here talking about gun laws in America. Cal State Fullerton student have some ideas on how to fix the issue.

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Intramural Sports at the Titan Recreation Center

Reported By Brock Howard

maxresdefaultThe Intramural sports season is almost underway for the spring semester and the Titan Recreation Center is encouraging all students to get involved. Have fun competing against your fellow Titans in all kinds of different sports from Soccer to Quidditch for a fee of just $10, but hurry because the season starts on February 26!


By: Carlos Andrade III


Listen for the best advice, & incite on what should be done for a healthier lifestyle. 2018 is the year for change and nothing bad has ever come out of listening from fellow Titan stories to change.


Millennials, the worst generation?

There are many factors that affect the characteristics of this new generation, but just as adults find in us as much defects they can, we also have our virtues. We are the entrepreneurs of the future, the evolutionary innovators of our country’s economy.

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Disneyland Increases Admission Prices, Hurting Students

Disneyland Photo

Reported by: Michael Patterson

The Walt Disney Company has increased prices to their parks once again this past Monday in an attempt to offset park expansion costs. Read More

STD Rates on the Rise


Reported by: Alyssa Freyder

Sexually transmitted diseases have been increasing drastically in the past few years. The Orange County and college communities are being impacted the most by these increases. It is stated that one in two young people will contract an STD by the age of 25. Doctors and college students speculate on why this is happening and what can be done to prevent it from getting worse. 


Coping With SoCal Commuting


Is the drive grinding you down? You are not alone. Based on startling new statistics, Southern California drivers are the most unhappy and stressed Americans on the road.

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Millenial’s Attention Spans and The Way We Communicate


Reporting By: Cory Mak

With Millenials now leading the industries, communication has shifted onto an online world through the use of social media and other platforms simultaneously. With the introduction of shorthand texting, emojis, and new communication methods limited to a character box, millenials have changed the way we interact.

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Love at First Swipe?


Reported by: Ryan Matthey

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to find human connection via online dating apps such as Tinder. The popularity of these web services is in part due to not imposing any commitment on its users, leaving those looking for long-term romance on long-term wild-goose chases.


The Fitness Industry is Booming


LRM_EXPORT_20180222_021039By: Maricela Perez

As social media is growing, so is the fitness industry. This industry is becoming more and more influential in peoples healthy lifestyles.

The Struggle before the Reward..for First-Generation College Students

By: Brenda Gonzalez

College itself is a scary journey, but for students the challenge is greater. Some college students can’t get the help, the guidance, and the assistance at home. First-generation college students are given that extra help outside from home in order to succeed and find their way before and after college.


Mass Shootings Through a Student’s Eyes


Photo courtesy of CNN

Reported By: Courtnee Bo

On February 14, 2018 another mass shooting struck America at a high school in Parkland, Florida.  The students have decided that this was enough and use any platform they can to speak for a reform on gun control policies.  They use the #neveragain to archive their movement.  CSUF student Chelsea Garcia, who survived the Las Vegas shooting, feels for the Parkland students and stands with them supporting a reform on gun control.


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Cal State Fullerton’s Hidden Gem

Stressed? A mess? The TSU Underground is the best coping method when it comes to dealing with those moments as a college student.

Reporting by Hiba Bary

Where the fans at?


Reported by Tyrah Majors

Los Angeles’ two NFL teams have had a lack in attendance at their first couple games. WHAT, is going on ?

A Long-Anticipated Reopening by Matthew Kessler

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 1.03.27 PM
Computer image of the finished project, courtesy of the OTCA website.

Since 2015 State College Blvd., between the 91 freeway and Chapman in Fullerton, has been under construction. Orange County Transportation Authority and the city of Fullerton have been working together to build a vehicle under-crossing to help reduce congestion for residents, businesses and the students. Matthew Kessler has more.

Stressed Out

Reported by Mia Agraviador

School is back in session and for many it’s a start of a brand new life. But for others, its the start of another year of stress and panic.

The Rams Return

Reported by Robert King.

I talk to a LA Rams expert about the history of the Rams and their return to the Los Angeles market.

17 Weeks of the Gridiron

Reported by Jessica Lucero 

Although Cal State University, Fullerton hasn’t had a football team since the 90’s, football is said to be the most popular sport in America. Fans wait all year for the season of touchdowns, fight songs, and tailgating to roll around. Now that Fall is back it’s time to put your game face on.



By: Victor Cholico

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA was established by the Obama administration in 2012. DACA protects dreamers from deportation and gives these dreamers a work permit for 2 years. After the 2 years are up these dreamers can apply for a renewal. But on September 5th it was announced that the program was coming to an end, congress has 6 months to find a legislative alternative. Since then many dreamers have spoken up through protest and social media. The support for these dreamers continues to grow stronger each and every day.

The Progression of Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

By: Klaritza Rico



In 2015, the Obama administration built the first gender-neutral restroom inside the White House in response to the protection of transgender rights. During his presidency, Obama passed a federal law that allowed transgender citizens or anyone to use the restroom that corresponded with their gender identity rather than their biological sex. Since then there has been a huge debate about whether about making all restrooms gender-neutral. Some say it’s a step towards gender equality and others fear that it will allow for predators to snoop on women and children. Recently Trumps administration withdrew the act and instead left it up to the states to decide on the issue. The LGBTQ community and civil rights activists are continuing to push for gender-neutral bathrooms despite the setback.

My Soldier, My Hero


Most people in their life never get to meet their hero. I was lucky enough to be raised by mine. My father David King is a Vietnam Veteran who served and fought in Vietnam 1968-1969. My father has never really opened up about his personal story. Now you will hear his testimony of what he endured and what it means to be a soldier of war.


By: Nicole King


By Miri Sonoda

international csuf

California State University, Fullerton is a diverse University. Since CSUF offers undergraduate, graduate, and American language programs, out of 40,000 students, 3,000 international students from 90 nations attended CSUF in fall 2016. Those international students choose CSUF with different reasons. Saika Satake, a junior transferred international student from Japan, just became a Titan about a month ago. Soohwa Jang, an international student from Korea, is now waiting for CSUF’s acceptance letter. Why does CSUF attract international students?

From Green to Gone

By Alyssa Ruiz

Earlier this month Hurricane Irma made its way through the Caribbean and Florida, destroying everything in its path. It quickly became the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic ocean.  Reaching winds that greatly exceeded a category 5, Irma turned paradise, into prolonged desolation.


Photo courtesy of CNN.

DREAMERS: Here to Stay

By: Jessica Cardenasdaca

For Dreamers, the United States has always been their home. Many were brought to this country as children ranging from a few months old to 16-years-old. When it was repealed by the Trump administration, the frustration and fear was felt among our communities.

October is a Month For Pumpkins, Fall Leaves, Halloween, and Depression Awareness​

fall foliage walking

October amongst many other things is also Depression Awareness Month. With October right around the corner,  it’s important to use this month of awareness to get informed, get a conversation going and reach out to someone who normally wouldn’t ask for help. This month provides many recourses and days such as National Depression Screening Day on October 5 and World Mental Health Day on October 10.

Reported by Gabriella Castania

Arroyo Seco Saints Word Association


Audio Report by Jordan Campbell-Read

In sports marketing your players and having them seem relatable is how you keep fans engaged and interested. For the Arroyo Seco Saints baseball team, games was the way they would market. The Arroyo Seco Saints intern team put together a little word association game for some of the players to play based on America and American ideals. Thank you to Blake Burton, Brendan Krob, Mitch Kerner, Spencer Mossburg, Josh Little, and Gunnar Friend for participating.

Titan Bites Attempts to Take a Chunk Out of Food Insecurity

8_9_11_gastronome_kt  (Campus) A fresh salad bar was on the menu during the grand opening of the Gastronome.  PHOTO/ KAREN TAPIA

Photo courtesy of CSUF News

A recent report has revealed that 21 to 24 percent of students across CSU campuses state wide lack consistent access to food. A new app, called Titan Bites, is attempting to change those unfortunate statistics. How can you sign up? What are the qualifications? I talked with a professor involved in the creation of the service to find out.

Reported by Terry Gaines

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Proceed With Caution

Audio Report By: Mark Chemali

As more and more students are accepted into Cal State Fullerton, traffic becomes more of an issue. Pedestrians and motorists must be aware of the laws of the road. University Police is taking education into their own hands and attempting to spread the word of the safety laws to insure that pedestrians remain out of harm’s way.  I spoke with Corporal Blanpied to learn more on the matter.

Photo courtesy of: Noel Powell

Don’t Sleep on the Titan Dreamers Resource Center

Audio report by Matthew Kirkland


The Titan Dreamer’s Resource Center is designed to provide undocumented students with academic and emotional support, referrals to financial assistance, information on programs and services designed to improve retention and graduation rates, and a safe space where students can connect with one another, according to their website.

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Reasoning for video stores going downhill


Photo by Bill Roth

Many video shops have slowly gone out of business over the past years. Online movie alternatives such as Netflix and more are not the only ones to blame.

Reported by Xochilt Lagunas


Learning to Cope: Matt’s Struggle with ITP

By Jorian Goldbach

Matt Swan was living a normal, healthy life at age 18 in 2007. When he received a strange bruise, it sent his life into a completely different direction.

Photo courtesy of Matt Swan

Major League Dream

With the 2017-2018 MLB season around the corner, hundreds of young men from around the world have traveled to Arizona and Florida for spring training. They will spend the next six weeks gong through grueling days of drills and preparations in hopes of earning one of 25 spots on their organization’s major league roster. Chanelle Riggan has your story.

“Made it out alive” by Scarlett Lobo


Photo by Joe Foster


Daniel Hughes is a pro paddle board surfer from Huntington Beach. He went to Hawaii for the first time in Winter of 2014 to the Stand Up Paddle Tour contest in Sunset beach, Oahu.

Undocumented Students Face a Cloudy Future


Audio Report by Alliyah Becerra

More than 750,000 undocumented students have received work permits and deportation relief through the federal government’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. But they now must wait to see what becomes of DACA under the Trump administration. Will all of their hard work towards a degree be thrown away? Will all the information they surrendered back in 2012 to receive their permits be used to trace and deport them? Trump has promised he will address the fate of DACA in the near future. Until then, students live lives of hesitancy.

Thrones of Black Kings


He’s misunderstood, some say that he’s up to no good around the neighborhood.
CSUF Sistetalks celebrates  the strong, intelligent, loving black men in honor of Black History Month.

– Reported by Brenda Villa

A day without immigrants. A silent protest, by Estrella Monreal.


Due to the recent executive actions from President Donald Trump a movement was created that happened on Thursday, February 16th. Many businesses and restaurants were closed in support to the peaceful strike. Many people didn’t show up to work or school.

Reported by Estrella Monreal

One of Thousands at Naturalization Ceremony – by Ana Aragon

Over 140 countries were represented at last week’s naturalization ceremony in Los Angeles, CA. Around 6,700 people gathered at the L.A. Convention Center and CSUF student Yuliana Carrillo was one of the attendees. After the shocking presidential outcome, she decided to not risk anything and become a citizen as soon as she could.

Anti-Tobacco Adds Don’t Always Work-by Jeanay Jensen


The, a public health campaign by the nonprofit American Legacy Foundation, recently came out with a new model for anti-tobacco commercials. The commercial is trying to go in a completely new direction from old anti-tobacco commercials. Cal State Fullerton smokers however may not be buying it.

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“Don’t take your organs to heaven, heaven knows we need them here.”

By: Elizabeth Muratalla

Being an organ donor doesn’t just mean having the little pink sticker on your ID. By choosing to donate your organs you can potentially save someones life and give them hope. There are over 93,000 people on the Kidney Transplant list and one kid got really lucky. Jorge Moreno Jr was 16 years old when he received the news that they had a kidney match for him. After battling Kidney disease since the moment he was born, the now 19 year old Jorge can continue doing the things he loves because someone decided they wanted to give back.

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The Convenience of University Gyms


Reported by Monica De Anda

College students should take advantage of the free access they have to the gym.





Saving One Puppy At A Time

Audio Report by: Naomi Osuna

fullsizerender-2How far would you go to save your loved one? Dogs are man’s best friend, but man is everything to a dog. Each day animals are lost to coyotes, shelters, or death due to an infinite number of reasons: improper fences, other animal, or negligence.

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Parents Unable to Pay for Daughters Tuition.


Reported by Regina Yurrita

Leila Albeitawi seemed so excited while going to her dream school, Hawaii Pacific University. Nevertheless, her happiness was soon shattered when her parents informed her she wasn’t going back.

Expectations Rise for Valentines Day

Audio Story By: Sarah Hidalgo

Each year it seems as though Valentines Day dates and gifts are increasing in value. We can’t seem to get away from the commercialization and social media influences. I spoke to a couple who are both California State University of Fullerton alumni’s to find our their views on the situation.


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Post Bad First Date Motivation by Robert Pike


First dates don’t always go as planned, but that doesn’t mean you should give up dating all together.You’re not alone in experiencing a bad date. Dust yourself off and get back out in the dating world. By Robert Pike

Story of ‘Barbert’ by Guillermo Mendez


Robert, a self-taught barber, who is following his dream as a barber by turning his passion from a hobby to a career. His inspiration comes from barbers who started with nothing and through perseverance and hard work are now established in the industry.

By: Guillermo Mendez

Anything is Shrimpossible

Report by: Taylor Martinez

The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company employees find various ways to give back to the community by looking for local tasks to participate in. Last Monday they went to Huntington Beach to help clean up waste.

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Revised Immigration Plan…What’s Next?

With President Trump’s executive order on immigration raising some questions from the general constituency, and the legal system, what do the revisions mean? With America being such an advanced and safe country, why does something like a travel ever even get presented?
Tom Carroll, a senior counter-terrorism federal consultant, tells us more.

By: Riley Carroll

The Florence Program

By CassidyJo Fortin

Florence, Italy is arguably one of the worlds best cities. Good food, great wine, a beautiful language – what other reasons would students looking to spread their wings and study abroad need to put Florence, Italy at the top of their list?

Fearfully Waiting


Immigration enforcement is a broad concept and with many political concepts people can forget that the actual cost of policies on people and families. This includes the effects it can have on daily life.

Reported by James Butts

Parking: The Problem That Never Ends

By Lucas Der Mugrdechian

Parking continues to be a problem on campus. Even with additional parking spaces added at off-campus locations like the Brea Mall, students continue to struggle to find parking.

Photo Courtesy of The Daily Titan


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