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I am currently an International student from Mexico City, in the exchange program at University State California Fullerton. I am a Communications student interested in advertising and marketing. I also enjoy getting to know new places and especially learning about gastronomic cultures.

Huntington Beach, more than Surfing.

Nowadays with millennialls taking over, we have been seen new popular trends arise. For instance, food. It is not out of the ordinary to be a “foodie” these days. In this very small video, we take you to explore Huntington Beach, also known as SurfCity,  on the wide variety of restaurants and gastronomic areas.

Reported by Alejandra Trueba


Millennials, the worst generation?

There are many factors that affect the characteristics of this new generation, but just as adults find in us as much defects they can, we also have our virtues. We are the entrepreneurs of the future, the evolutionary innovators of our country’s economy.

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Two countries, One city.

Reported by: Alejandra Trueba

 It never ceases to amaze me what you can find inside a city, and even more when it has to do with different cultures. One across the pacific ocean far away, one across the border but both close with a little representation within the great city of Los Angeles. Continue reading

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