By: Leslie Duarte 

On Sunday  April 22. people around the world Celebrated earth day. The theme this year was, “End plastic pollution.Across the state people gathered to demonstrate support for a clean environment. At Huntington Beach a team of more than 400 people collected trash of the cost. According to The surprise foundation cigarette butts are the single most collected item at its beach cleanups and CalTrans estimates it costs $41 million annually to clean up cigarette buttsCalifornia legislators and environmental activists have been fight plastic pollution for years. In fact California was on on the first states to ban single use plastic with 52 % voter approval. This year lawmakers are going after cigarette butts. Lawmakers prosed a new bill that would ban smoking on state beaches. Although many cities and county beaches already have such prohibitions. This bill would have a maximum fine of $25 and allow park officials to designate smoking areas.