There are many factors that affect the characteristics of this new generation, but just as adults find in us as much defects they can, we also have our virtues. We are the entrepreneurs of the future, the evolutionary innovators of our country’s economy.

The personalist approach and the mentality of enriching oneself without measuring the consequences or considering the welfare of society, are, in part, the price we are paying. But even so, we are characterized by the attitude of looking for answers, questioning and improving the world. The passion among today’s young people is increasingly evident. The truth is that I, more than “Internet addicts”, “lazy” and “pessimistic”, would call us creative, innovative, original and unique.

From the vegan who seeks the preservation of the environment and the care and rights of animals, to the modern plastic artist, the photographer, the writer, the businessman, the lawyer and the doctor; millions of young people seek to improve the world instead of owning it. And do you know something? Millennials do not feel superior or exclusive … our essence is inclusive. We are not isolated from the rest of society, nor angry. We are simply focused and connected. We do not believe in barriers or borders. In the background we have more similarities than differences with previous generations. We like a good coffee, traveling, good music, explore and contribute. Changes are not only healthy, but inevitable. How will the generation after ours be? How will we perceive it? Will it be a characteristic of an evolutionary type to distrust the new? For now, we would like to be accepted without being seen as dehumanized beings and robotized by technology. It’s not so bad. We are sensitive to a smile … or a “like”.

Reported by: Alejandra Trueba