Here at the Target on Yorba Linda next to Cal State Fullerton, changes are arriving this spring  as early as March or April.


The moment you walk in, the customer service window is gone, construction barriers replacing the piles of return items. Soon a new Starbucks will replace the food court that once occupied this spaceIMG_0465

Guest services have moved to the other side of the pathway where it once stood, a makeshift to stand in place as construction takes place. On the other side is a makeshift fitting room that will be soon moved as well.


The restrooms that once stood in the back will soon be moved to the front of Target, to be situated next to the new Starbucks so that students and studiers will not have to walk far. These old restrooms will soon be the home of the fitting rooms that stood tucked away by the old food court.


The home and furniture section has been removed and relocated to its now spot where the clothing section once stood, the old cream fixtures removed and soon to be replaced with artistic department style shelving.


Artist renderings of the new changes litter the store and in March or April, Target says they will be revamping their look and style by removing the white and red colors, and replacing them with grays, whites, and wood fixtures to provide a more calming experience for its’ guests.


Gone will be the old floors, the clothing sections will resemble the new Target style like the one in Brea, where carpeting will provide more comfort as guests roam. All clothing will be centered in the store with all other departments encircling the clothing isles on all sides.



These gray refrigerators and long endless corridors will soon be replaced with murals and artworks to promote a more upbeat grocery store feel, newer, sleeker, and darker black refrigerators will soon replace the standard that this Target has known for years.


The small produce section that has stood in contrast to the plain white fridges is now surrounded by tarps hiding the new changes coming. More wooden fixtures and shelving will be arriving as well as an enlarged produce section to provide guests with the feeling of being in a local grocery store rather than a Target.



The makeup isle will soon be seeing some big changes as well, with the old rows of crowded products being removed and new table like shelves from Sephora being brought in. Teams of beauticians that will wear all black have been hired to assist not just in makeup but as far as the new A14 isle which covers even hair and everyday products!


With all of these new changes coming, Target is working day and night to provide their normal service while completing their construction. This illuminated sign temporarily replacing the normal Target light up sign as that too will be replaced a fresh new look.