The swamp meet is, in other words, a pop-up mall that is only open Saturday’s and Sunday’s at a community college parking lot. It provides the public the opportunity to go eat, shop and relax.


Vendors begin their day by going thru swamp meet security. From there vendors go in with their vehicle to their assigned location.


Vendors set-up their tents and begin to unload their items. Getting ready to start their day.


It being that swamp meets are open during the weekends, some families bring their children along to help them set-up, sell, and cooperate.


Food vendors have to also arrive at an early hour, to be ready to sell to their early-bird shoppers or to fellow swamp meet vendors.


At the swamp meet you can find shoes, clothing, toys, candy and even little birds to purchase.


A food vendor nicely organizes the fruit, so that it can attract buyers.


As the afternoon approaches, there is less shoppers. This is the call for vendors to start packing up.


Packing up won’t stop shoppers from trying to get their last purchase for the day, nor vendors from getting their last sale. As we can see here the little girl is approaching the potential customer as her father continues packing.


Some vendors have a tent that has to be brought down piece-by-piece. This vendor is just about ready to head out. Good luck to her neighboring vendors!


The mannequins are also ready to go, just as the boy on the ladder helping, packing and rushing.


While some are working, some are resting, eating and being delighted. Because as they say, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”.


It takes two to speed the process. A mom and a son work together to put away all of their products, tents and tables.


Unfortunately, some vendors have to do everything alone. Keep it up!


Putting everything away in the vehicle is the last step for a swamp meet vendor. Vroom, vroom. Until next time!