Once every year thousands of spectators & competitors roll into Johnson Valley to race in King of the Hammers


People begin to ride and enjoy the sunny weather as they await for the races to start later  in the afternoon.


The first heat between Chris Gage (left) v.s.  Jake Yeoman (right) pro rock climbers start sharply at 1pm


We take our first stop of being spectators to tune our bikes and change into our gear….


to head out onto our first ride of the day to the track where we meet up with local, friendly competition


After many tiresome laps I noticed some of the pro kawasaki motocross team that came to support other friends that are competing in todays races.


Once borden hits from doing laps on the track we beginning to go riding freely all around our environment that stretches for miles and miles on this dry lake.


As the sun begins to sneak in the bonfires begin to come out and provides a warmth and shelter from the pitch darkness at night.


Sundays final heat begins at 8pm where the true battle between pros face off to win a medal in this years King of the Hammer


As always there must be an end towards an unforgettable weekend under the stars away from reality, this small spec in the world we call Johnson Valley