Reported By: Leslie Duarte


On Saturday February  3rd, hundreds of dreamer met at the UCLA campus in Westwood to rally for a Clean Dream Act. Their message was for congress to pass fair immigration policies.


Some people forget that DACA recipients are diverse in culture, race, age, religion sex and gender. The attendants on Saturday’s march reflected that diversity and made the march one of the most diverse DACA rally yet.



Attendies held signs and spoke out againts the Trump’s administration DACA deal.Some Signs read:  “Keep dreamers deport racist,” “no dream, no deal,”   All the signs read on common message the Trumps deal for dreamers is not fair.



Advocates claim,  That the Trump deal uses Dreamers to separate families and pushes unfair immigration policies that will hurt the undocumented community. The immigrant community demands congress to pay attention.


1 in 7 Koreans are undocumented. A strong presence of the Korean Resource center came out to the march to add-on to the diversity of the immigration issue.

IMG_1131.jpgStrangers at the rally join together for a picture and cause.



86% of undocumented immigrants have U.S. born Citizen children.




The Trump deal does not include the original dreamer which are those immigrants that age out of DACA or did not have the proper education requirements.  Immigration is not selective to the elite and wealthy immigration include men and women that work in hard labor such immigrants deserve a pathway to citizenship also.


By standers watch the dreamers march as the rally marches. Some support, some care, some don’t care.


Supporters of a Clean Dream Act honk and cheer as dreamers march on the street.



96 % of Dreamers are in school pursuing a higher education.


The Trump adminstration continues to criminalize dreamers– 99.9 % of dreamers have no criminal record. In order to have DACA you can not have a Criminal record. In fact immigrants in general tend to have lower crime rates than the citizen population.


Dreamers continue to demand  the congress include all of the Undocumented population in a Dream Act deal that is fair for everyone.