Reported by: Maricela Perez

TADLA 5.png
The Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles is decorated with vibrant colored artwork. Art that expresses, inspires and has a message or a historical meaning.


Carly Paints 2
Carly Ealey, surrealism and new contemporary artist says, “The world around me can be crumbling and chaotic, but when I sit down and paint or spray-paint onto a wall, I feel an overwhelming sense of purpose.” For Carly, art means sanity and freedom.
Carly Ealey Art Work.png
‘Soul Traveler’, spray-painted by Carly Ealey, represents Astral Projection. A conscious out-of-body experience or manifestation of telepathy.
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Alongside ‘Soul Traveler’ is this colorful mural painted by Solomon Souza, a self taught artist.
Karen paints.png
Karen Bystedt, a mixed media artist and photographer, creates art that is not only beautiful, but has a message.  With her art she hopes to inspire and touch peoples hearts.
Karen #inclusion.png
‘Inclusion’ represents the diversity within humanity. The idea was to include people of different races, ages, sexual orientation and religion to show that we are all connected through our humanity and to communicate that there is beauty in our differences, says Bystedt.
Gang elements are incorporated into the artwork because it’s a small representation of the city.
This artwork shows three females and an indigenous looking male that may represent struggle.


Max Toropov, street and graffiti artist, paints on the garage door of a local shop.
The walls of The Container Yard became a canvas for Ricky Watts. These colorful tube-like shapes spray-painted by this Northern Californian  showcase his type of street art.

This painting of a cowboy and palm trees, ‘Broken window futurism’ was painted by Raptuz, a street artist.
This mural by Mikolaj shows two hands guarding the Colyton and 5th corner.


WRDSMTH, paints a piece of art on a garage door demonstrating that art is definitely inspiring.