Reported By Brock Howard

The front entrance of Disneyland has a multitude of visitors either leaving or just entering the park with mixed emotions on each face. Some faces of relief and of exhaustion, on the other hand those entering the park have looks of excitement and anxiousness.

As you go through the entrance of the park, you are taken down Main Street U.S.A transporting you back to 1920’s America. The tracks for the trolley down the middle of Main Street are closed off right now in order to get ready for the horse drawn carriages coming next month.
This is the front entrance of Tomorrowland. In this land visitors can explore through time and space which is where the famous attraction Space Mountain is located.
As you walk through Tomorrowland you walk under the Disneyland Monorail track which Walt Disney built as a projection of the future in transportation.
The deeper into Tomorrowland you go, you will see a large mountain like structure. At the bottom is a multidimensional theater showing a Star Wars themed short film.
Finally, the front entrance of one of the most famous Disney attractions of them all, Space Mountain!
A lot of suspense is built up while waiting to embark on a thrilling ride through space.
This is a shot of the front face of Space Mountain with the night sky behind it.
Almost inside, everyone is starting to feel goosebumps.
While walking through the space station you can see the view of space through the windows inside.
Now it is just a matter of time before all the space travelers get strapped into their rockets.
The loading dock is just around the corner, the space travelers get one more glance outside of another window where they can see a planet being passed over.
The rocket operator is preparing to seat the space explorers.
10, 9, 8, the countdown has begun! Houston we are ready for launch.
Ready to exit the ship after a wild ride through the stars!