Reported by Alyssa Freyder

Firefighters do so much for our country every day. They attend to medical emergencies as well as fires, as well as maintaining their engines and equipment. 

Engineer Freyder arrives to work at 8 a.m. sharp. He drops off his gear and prepares for another 24-hour shift.


As he begins his day, he starts a load of laundry.


Once a week, the fire crew must inspect all of the narcotics on the engines and trucks. This ensures that nothing is missing or out of date.


Image 5
The inspections come to a halt when the crew receives a call from dispatch about a traffic accident.


Image 6
Back at the station the crew gathers around to discuss the different aspects of the call.


The crew receives a call for a structure fire. Once again, they suit up.


extreme close up
Engineer Freyder inspects the transmission and engine.


The ladders and all the features of the truck are inspected for any damages or complications.


Tools, like the jaws of life, are turned on and tested.


Once the crew can finally catch a break, they cook dinner together from scratch.


After dinner, the training never stops. Engineer Freyder gears up with his oxygen tank and mask and practices pulling a dummy out of a fire.


Finally, after a long day of training, calls, and inspections the crew can finally head to bed. Throughout the night, they await for any calls from dispatch until they are off shift at 8 a.m. the next day.