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The game begins on the Monday evening of Labor Day with the Los Angles Dodgers playing against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The weather is near 100 degrees but you’re not worried about the heat because for the first time you get to see your LA team play the game from the stadium suite.


Suite 232 is where you will be watching the Dodger’s take on the Diamondbacks behind right field.


Friends enjoy the company of one another with the luxury to walk around and see the game from the screens inside the suite or the balcony.


Refreshments are all provided in your suite so there’s no need to wait in lines or wait for the hot dog man.


The best part is the drinks that are provided in your room.
It’s almost time for the seventh inning stretch as the sun begins to set on the field and the Diamondbacks take the lead 4-0.
Time for some exploring around the stadium that is home to a ton of Dodger history.
Can’t leave the game without grabbing a souvenir to remember these amazing moments.


As the game enters the last inning fans come together to sing “Take Me Out to The Ball Game,” a baseball tradition.
The game comes to a close as the Dodgers lose the game 13-0, but it’s still a game you will remember forever.