By Gabriella Castania

1st pic
For over 16 years 22-year-old varsity soccer player, Joanna Perone, has dedicated her life to playing soccer. She has played in youth leagues, during high school, for several travel teams, and now for Hope International University. There is nothing she loves more than being on the field.

2nd photo
Joanna goes to her favorite park three times a week where she likes to train. Other days she trains at Hope with her teammates. This park is her favorite place not only because of the beautiful open space but how peaceful it is in the afternoon.


3rd photo
Every day before she begins practice she has a routine. The first part of that routine is laying out all of her gear before putting it on.


4th photo
She begins on her shin guards, socks, then lucky shoes.


photo 6.jpg
Joanna has been injured before. To help prevent an injury from happening again, she begins by stretching and making sure none of her muscles feel tight.


picture 7
When her body feels like it’s warm enough she moves on to her first drill. She starts by juggling the ball. “It took me a while to be able to juggle for a good amount of time, but now I’d say I’m pretty good at it,” she said.


Joanna goes on to her next exercise which is running drills with the ball. She goes back and forth about 15 times or until she’s drained.


Cardio is her least favorite so she is exhausted and is getting ready for whats next.


Next, she moves on to her favorite thing to practice which are goal kicks.


With sweat dripping down her face Joanna is ready to cool down.


Before Joanna leaves the field she takes a moment for herself to cool down and take a break from her everyday busy life. She appreciates and tries to take advantage of the few breaks she gets.