By Jordan Campbell-Read


This Summer the Arroyo Seco Saints baseball team played in their inaugural season of California Collegiate League. About 40 players, 4 coaches, and 7 interns all came out from around the country to Brookside Park in Pasadena, CA to make their mark in this prestigious league.


Summer baseball is always a more relaxed feel for the players and coaches.


This summer the Saints played in 43 games over the span of two long, hot months.


They were considered underdogs in the league, as it was only their first year, but that wasn’t the case at all.


Led by power hitting and great pitching they would compete for one of 4 playoff spots among 14 teams all the way to the end.


Not only were the players having fun on and off the field, but the interns were as well.


The Saints would finish with a record of 21-18 overall and 19-17 in league.


This would put them in 7th among the 14 teams overall and 2nd in their division.


After a long summer filled with baseball, memories, and day trips, it was definitely one none of us would forget.


Because, as they say in baseball, Saturday’s are for the boys.