Photo essay by Jorian Goldbach


Tucson, AZ is The University of Arizona Wildcat football team’s playground. On September 2nd, fans from all over the city, state, and nation come to see the season opener game.

Stadium wide shot

As fans start to trickle in, the Arizona Wildcats and the Northern Arizona University Lumberjacks start the process of warming up for the game.


Marching band

The Wildcats’ marching band makes their way to their seats, as they play a crucial role in getting the fans excited for the game to start.


Line up

Northern Arizona University’s offensive lineman prepared for the game by doing special drills.



The Wildcats’ kicker, Lucas Havrisik, practiced his field goals before the game.



Before the game starts, The Wildcats set aside a few moments to pray or create a positive mindset.



The Wildcats cornerback, Sammy Morrison, was focused on the game ahead of him before the match started.



Once the whistle blew, the competition between both teams escalated.



The Wildcats special teams trotted off the field after the two-point field goal was scored.


Wildcat flag

After the point was scored, the fans go wild as the cheerleaders bring out the Wildcats flags to commemorate the score.