Reported By: Mark Chemali



Nicole, 16, is a Senior in high school.  She likes anything that has to do with Disney.  For the past two years, she has been creating her own versions of the famous mouse ears that are known worldwide.


Nicole is a hard working student.  In between school and her extracurricular activities she is involved in such as Associated Student Body and choir. She likes to use her free time to make her beloved mouse ears.


When she is not making mouse ears or doing homework, Nicole likes to sometimes pick up her guitar and learn a new song to sing and play. Her creativity however, is not limited to music.


She often looks to a popular website called Pinterest for ideas on her next project.  Often times but not always, the mouse ears will reflect a Disney character.


A hot glue gun, a pair of scissors, and a lighter are all the tools she needs to create her masterpieces.


Nicole cuts her ribbon at the length she desires, she is making a small red bow to complete her rendition of Marvel’s Thor themed mouse ears.


There are countless colors and fabrics that she has to work with, each one playing a different role in completing a set of mouse ears.


Over time, Nicole has gotten more precise with the hot glue gun.  Making bow ties with glue has become a simple task for the mouse ear creator.


Above we have some of Nicole’s work that she kept for herself.  Some of these may be recognizable to most people: Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Indiana Jones, Jack Skellington and Thor. She has made dozens of mouse ears and has gifted them to friends over the past couple of years.


Nicole aspires to one day start selling mouse ears on websites such as Etsy, and hopes to one day have her own website selling custom mouse ears and other accessories.  She is waiting to finish high school before.


Two of her favorite mouse ears she has made, Winnie and Tigger, are featured here.  For now, she continues to make them as gifts to friends and family. Nicole is always looking for new approaches to creating her custom mouse ears.