Reported by Terry Gaines


Habitat for Humanity of Orange County had their annual staff build day over the weekend. This block of four homes is located in Santa Ana, and the expected completion date is December 2017.


The task given to staff members for the day was window installation. The staff members were divided into groups, and each group had a leader. The leader had previous home building experience.


Team members took turns doing window placement, and cutting adhesive to seal the windows. Cuts had to be measured precisely to ensure adequate sealant.


Before the day started, training took place. Training focused heavily on power drills, which were needed in the window installation process.


Approximate measurements needed to be taken. Tools were provided to ensure accuracy.

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Sticky material was used to create a sealant on the windows. Proper placement of the sealant was necessary to ensure water stays out of the home.


Teamwork not only made the staff members get to know each other better, it also sped up the process.


Work on the second floor had to be done carefully to prevent injury.


The garages of the homes held materials including windows, wood, tools, and water.


After lunch, the day wrapped up with final touches on the windows, and making sure the days materials were cleaned out of the homes.