From the “Mines of Moria” to the fields of Fullerton, “Khazad-Dûm” is a realm of Belegarth that fights with medieval weapons and shields that are made out of a soft but rigid foam. Belegarth, “is a world-wide organization with groups in many countries, our membership is eclectic with students, professionals, and families actively participating,” according to their website. “We share an interest in medieval combat, medieval arts and sciences, and, to some extent, live-action role-playing.”

The “CSU Fullerton Foam Fighters” or “Khazad-Dum” are a student-run club that has its own realm in the live-action role play world of Belegarth. The club meets every Monday and Wednesday at 4 P.M. on the field in front of the Student Recreation Center on campus.

The realm get its name, “Khazad-Dûm” from a famous town and bridge in the “Lord of the Rings” series where Gandalf battles the Balrog. They are an official club at California State University, Fullerton and go by the name of the, “CSU Fullerton Foam Fighters.”

Matthew Vicencio is an experienced foam-fighter and a senior at California State University, Fullerton where he studies business.
More experienced members of the club teach new participants the rules and techniques to ensure a fun and safe environment.
Aria Omidwar graduated from CSUF but still comes back to compete and have fun with his old club.
Before each battle, the club splits into even teams and raises their weapons to signal the start of the fight.
Chris Seng is one of the most respected fighters in his realm and is set to graduate this year with a degree in graphic design.
Some members choose to dress in full medieval or fantasy attire while others choose to wear whatever they wore to school that day.
Two of the newer members of the club battle while both wield loaner-weapons in each hand.
Members can make their own weapons or use the loaner-weapons that others have made. All weapons and shields are subject to regulations set by Belegarth, including size, weight and material.
Kevin Gee, a senior who majors in child adolescent studies, stares down the blade of his foam sword.
Matthew Vicencio, left, takes out the leg of his opponent while he looses a hand from the attack of Alfred Iliscupideze, right.
The club seemed to peak the interest of at least one passerby who stopped to take a video of the fighting.
One of the newer members contemplates which weapon to choose before battle. He can select a spear, a sword, a dagger, an ax and more.
Nick Aragon, a senior bio-chemistry major, shows off his skill with a spear.
After practice is finished, members of the realm pack up their foam weapons and shields to return home.