2nd edit opener
“His and hers” bicycles stage outside, as the sun and temperature rise; for Matthew and Jasmine, cycling is the main form of transportation, despite weather conditions.

2nd edit 2
Matthew, Mauricio, and Jasmine riding down the Santa Ana river trail.
2nd edit 1
Matthew and Jasmine ride out in the afternoon, making their way to wards the stadium for Mauricio’s first Angels game.
2nd edit 3
At $5.49, three bomber at a gas station is cheaper than one at the concession stands.
2nd edit 4
A group of veterans and their families congregate under the A, just before the game begins.
2nd edit 6
Hot whether and cold beer, ‘MERICA!
2nd edit 10
Father and son enjoying the shade after a bicycle ride in the hot sun.
2nd edit 5
The A looks so enchanting as Mauricio gets closer and closer.
2nd edit 7
The only thing colder than the beer, are their prices. This is the reason for pre-gaming.
2nd edit 8
Mauricio Shouts “GO ANGELS” as they score another run.
2nd edit 9
The baseball field with a little photoshop magic, mush as it appears to Mauricio for the first time.
2nd edit 11
A family portrait catching the A under the glow of the sun (it was a very hot day)