Reported by: Jessica Cardenas




Mattie, 21, is a single mother of her little 9-month baby boy. She loves to go outside and get some fresh air so she is preparing baby Mathew’s bag to go on a trip to the park. 


It’s a warm Sunday morning, and she loves to take her baby on a walk. The park is only 5 minutes away from her home, and she feels at peace when enjoying time away. 


She feels so blessed to have such a healthy baby that motivates her and enlightens her life. 


Little Mathew is usually a trooper when going on the slide but today, he doesn’t seem too excited. Its a very hot day in Rancho Cucamonga, CA,  but Mattie loves to stay proactive with her baby.


She loves to interact with him and make him smile in any way possible. Baby Mathew started crawling a few months ago, and she is eager for him to take his first few steps. 


The baby spotted a playground that he could not take his eye off.


He was so excited to go on top of this bear. Mattie’s unconditional love for him is seen through her every move.


Baby Mathew’s favorite time is when it’s time to eat, and he just loves his bottle! He eats five times a day and is always so excited for his food.  


Recently, he started holding his own bottle and is growing so fast already. His feeding time is her way of bonding with her son, and she enjoys every minute of it. 


He has been awoken since 5 a.m. and is ready for his nap. 


Mattie does it all on her own, and she is looking forward to getting some rest herself on this beautiful Sunday.


With her homework assignments piling up due to little Mathew’s sleeping schedule, she is looking forward to getting all her work done after this park trip.


She finally owns her own car and is thankful that she can drive home on this hot day.


Baby Mathew is sleeping peacefully, and Mattie is ready to focus on her school work until he awakes again.