IMG_4356By Victor Cholico

Children today spend most of their time using electronics than going outside to play. Visiting a local park can help children get their minds of electronics and get some exercise. As soon as arriving to the park Valerie and Isaac ran to the obstacle courses.


Not only will kids get the exercise they need but they will also interact with other children.



With a bit of fear Isaac manages to slide down.



Racing to see who will make it to the other side of the obstacle course first.



Holding on to the ropes helps Valerie keep her balance.



Not holding on to the ropes makes Isaac loose his balance.



After minutes of playing on the obstacle courses taking a small break under the shade is necessary.



Time to explore the rest of the park, Isaac struggles to climb the giant rock.



Racing to see who will make it to the other side of the bridge first.



After an hour of playing in the sun, the kids take their last sips of water before heading home.