Melanie and Jesse live in Orange County. Both moved to California less than a year ago This is the first time they go to L.A. to see what the city has for offer to art lovers.


The traffic wasn’t an issue. Sundays are a good day to take the 405 Freeway.


Finally at the museum, the first thing they did is to take a picture by the “Urban Lights.” This artwork by Chris Burden has been in the big screen a couple of times. One of the most popular movies where people can see this palm tree high pole lights is called “No Strings Attached.”


The movie is a comedy about a lifelong friendship. Like most American comedy-romantic movies, the protagonists end up together.


Melanie had been looking forward to visit L.A.C.M.A. since she watched the movie.


Even thought Melanie and Jesse are very different, they both enjoy art. They like staring at paintings with small details.


Melanie is from Brazil. She loves sweets, dancing, talking and caipirinhas. She is a little clueless and that is what makes her stand out from girls her age.


Jesse is from Costa Rica. He loves math, sea food, surf and listening to Ricardo Arjona. He is passioned about finding a meaning to everything. He said there is only one pole light between the Urban Lights that does not have a light and the reason why it’s light is not on is because it represents the few people who can’t show their lights because they are intimidated by people around them.


Melanie and Jesse just met a couple of days ago, but it seems like they know each other for a long time.


So this is how their friendship started. Hopefully one without an end.