Photo Story by Elizabeth Muratalla


Superheroes aren’t only for boys anymore. Gizelle Lopez didn’t want to have a princess party she decided she wanted a superhero party because her mom always tells her she can do anything she sets her mind too. Her favorite television show is DC Super Hero Girls.


5 year old Gizelle enjoys her birthday celebration put together by her two hardworking and loving parents.


Traditionally the little kids line up from youngest to oldest to hit the piñata.


Piñatas are mandatory for a child’s party. Without a doubt there will always be something to get candy from.


Proving to the world that she is just as strong as WonderWoman by literally breaking WonderWoman.


No matter how strong, a superhero will always be a daddy’s girl. A father’s bond with his daughter is like no other. A father does what ever he has to do to make his little girl happy.


Once the pinata breaks the children run wild in order to get the candies they want, while the parents look in amusement.


Dolls are boring for Gizelle and is enthralled with the idea of using her pink roller skates.


Surrounded by love and birthday wishes.



The men uninterested in the presents throwback a “chella”.


WonderWoman has it all with her mom and grandma at her side.


This 5 year old knows she’s surrounded by people she loves and CAKE.