On Tuesday January 31st CSUF students gathered on campus for a peaceful protest. The protest formed due to the CSU system’s decision to increase tuition. .


CSUF students began to gather in front of the stage early Tuesday morning, located on the steps of the Humanities Building, waiting for the rally to begin. Students spoke out against the CSU system’s decision to increase tuition under signs reading “social justice,” “civic awareness” and “civic engagement.”



A poster making station is set up near the stage. Students are provided with sheets of paper and markers so they can convey a message as the protested. Some posters protest the rising price of education, while others are created to support fellow CSUF students that were speaking that day.



A student silently protests during a speech with her hand made poster.



A CSUF student speaks to the crowd that has gathered in front of the Humanities Building. She shares her story of having to work multiple jobs to afford an education.



The crowd joins hands to show support to their fellow students who are on stage speaking. Students across campus come together to peacefully protest recent education reforms.



Students joining hands sends a powerful message of unity of the student body.



After the rally concludes students begin to peacefully march. The group holds signs and chant as they make their way through campus to spread their message to others nearby.



A student protests the raise in tuition costs as he marches with fellow students.



Students of all ages and ethnicities come together to send a message to the CSU system. Students hope to maintain the current cost of tuition and help make college education an obtainable goal.



A student protesting the rising tuition costs hurries to join the march across campus with her fellow students.