Photo Story By: Taylor Martinez

Angels Stadium held another Monster Jam show on January 28, 2017. The drivers and trucks featured for the night included: Adam Anderson in Grave Digger, Neil Elliot in Max-D, Todd Leduc in Monster Energy, Marc McDonald in El Toro Loco, Scott Buetow in Team Hot Wheels, Colt Stevens in FS1 Cleatus, Jim Creten in Bounty Hunter, Dawn Creten in Scarlet Bandit, Rosalee Ramer in Wild Flower, Kelvin Ramer in Time Flys, Rick Swanson in Obsession, Eric Swanson in Obsessed, Buddy Tompkins in Razin’ Kane, and Roy Pridgeon in  Ice Cream Man.

Fans head in to Angels Stadium to watch the Monster Jam show on Saturday evening.

Field preparation is very important for the monster trucks to perform at their best ability.
Stadium food is something everyone looks forward to at events like such. This is a build your own hot dog with chicken, mac & cheese, guacamole, and sour cream. YUM
The presentation of the colors is always the best way to start any event.
The monster trucks of the night were introduced by circling the stadium in the light of the night.
The first part of the event was the racing portions. The crowd was kept on their toes as to who the winner would be throughout all three rounds of racing. The overall racing winner was Neil Elliot in Max-D. Pictured here is Max-D and El Toro Loco fighting through the final turn.
Of course not everything went fine and dandy, and as you can see, there were some tossed truck and lost “shoes.” Pictured here is Monster Energy with a lost tire and El Toro Loco Flipped over.
After the races, the trucks were set loose one by one to show of their skills in the freestyle portion of the event. The freestyle winner was Eric Swanson in Obsessed, who landed his first ever backflip. Pictured here is The Ice Cream Man catching major air.
Anything that has to do with the word, “freestyle,” can definitely come with repercussions. This is FS1 Cleatus getting towed out of the stadium to undergo repairs after his engine would not start.
Fans exited the stadium after a night of fun and suspense.