Ventura is home to some of the best surf spots in California, as well as having many world renowned surfboard shapers. Michael Arenal has taken what he has learned from previous generations before him and is hoping to carve out a name for himself.

The board is first eyed by the shaper Michael Arenal. Seeing the finished product before he even starts he mental prepares for the work at hand.
By carefully marking the dimensions and where he needs to cut Michael is able to make a crude outline by tracing along the edges and marking how thick he wants the board to be.
Once the marks are made on the board he then writes down the dimensions in his notebook in case he has to make another of the exact shape.
Once everything is measured and traced on the blank Michael makes his first cut. By trimming the excess foam off the board he is able to create a more refined shape.
One false stroke of the saw and the board could be ruined. He must follow his trace marks exactly. Thankfully Michael is an expert with years of experience and can follow the pencil lines without fault.
Once the excess foam is cut away Michael begins sanding down the rough edges. Once this is complete he will use his electric sander to take more foam off the top and bottom giving it the correct dimensions.
Lines from the groove of his power tools can be seen with each passing stroke. These lines will be sanded down before the board is finished.
Again Michael must make sure not to take too much foam off with every stroke. A steady hand and a keen eye Michael is able to make the board exactly as he envisioned it.
He then cuts out a section at the tail of the board to produce a swallow tail. This will provide it with stability as well as giving the board speed to make tight turns along the wave.
The finishing touches are applied by smoothing the surface of the board with different kinds of sand paper. The room is covered with foam dust but what lies on the table is an almost completed surfboard.
Michael then adds two fins in the back under the fish like tail. With the board complete it is now time for glassing. A fiberglass resin and waterproof paint are applied. Once the paint is dry the next stop is the ocean.