Bill Lesher is a recent retiree and divorce. He was a computer programmer and network engineer.  Now he chooses to live a life very far from comfort and technology.


After an early morning spent doing Tai Chi at the Tustin Senior Center and a small stop at the local Starbucks for some caffeine and quiet reading time, he makes his way home by 10:30 am.


Upon arriving he heads straight for the backyard.


To where his home is. A tent and a small space of land in a backyard he rents for 250$ a month.


Lesher could afford to put down some roots and rent an apartment. Instead he chooses to spend time living the lifestyle of his boyhood dreams while he sets up plans for traveling back east to Connecticut to visit friends and family.


His set up is a tent within a tent. He said the combination of the two tents together really helps keep him insulated and warm in the cold night.


In the afternoon he likes to spend his time working on the yard he lives in. Sorting out dead trees and pruning the ones that are alive.


Raking the fallen leaves in the front yard is a daily pastime for him.


He does it all free of charge for the woman who lives inside. He said he just likes to be helpful and spend his time in nature whenever he can. Even when it’s just in the leaves of the front yard.


He doesn’t plan to be alone for very long though. Soon he will go to his tent to change and get ready for a date he has planned for that afternoon.


A date with the woman who lives inside.


He changed into her favorite color,  blue, and brought her some pink flowers. She was delighted and he waited patiently for her as she set them in the house on a desk by the window.


When she was done he walked her down the driveway towards his car. He had decided to take her for a trip to New Port Beach.


Where they planned to drink coffee and look at the ocean. Both laughed at the apparently absurd idea of actually going into the water when it was mentioned.


Lesher plans to leave in two months, but said he could never leave Tustin forever. He plans to work through some issues in Connecticut while he waits for the rest of his retirement fund to come in. Then he wants to come back and build a home.