Best friends, Kellie and Kylie, were getting ready for a girls day and shopping trip after months of being apart. Kylie just returned home from months abroad in Europe, and was so excited to spend some quality time with her best friend visiting one of their favorite places, Fashion Island in Newport. Both being very much into fashion, they never lost an opportunity to get dressed up and look their best. riley-carroll-photo-essay20170202_01-bw

Kellie uses her favorite mascara to accentuate her already naturally beautiful lashes.


Adding the finishing touches to her makeup, Kellie thinks about what outfit she’s going to wear.


She opts for a choker necklace to compliment her simple outfit choice.


By adding a few bracelets to tie together the rest of her jewelry, Kellie is ready first, and waits for Kylie to be done.


Kylie, always running late, quickly swipes eyeliner on her eyelids to highlight her bright blue eyes.


A fast touch of mascara finishes off Kylie’s eye makeup, and she’s ready to accessorize.


Kylie makes one final check in the mirror to make sure her makeup is exactly how she wants it. She is trying to look extra nice, as this is her fast time back out in Southern California shopping malls in almost 6 months.


By putting on her brand new watch, Kylie adds class and sophistication to her outfit.


Kylie has beautifully naturally curly hair, but after getting frustrated with the way it looked that day, she sweeps it into a quick, low bun.


Both girls are ready to leave and quickly jet out their side door.


You can hear talking and laughing as the girls scurry down the stairs to make it to Newport before hitting rush hour traffic.


With Kellie’s car being parked right at the bottom of the stairs the girls get in and drive off.