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Future broadcaster, Erdavria Simpson, is thrilled to learn and create demo-reels for her class. Each year hundreds of student like Erdavria enroll in College of Communications classes to pursue an exciting career in broadcasting. As part of their education, they must spend hours in classes and labs to learn writing, reporting and storytelling using the latest in computer technology.

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The pursuit of a career in the broadcasting field is challenging and requires devoting time. Cal State University Fullerton (CSUF) Broadcast students spend many hours in a dark, cold and industrial rooms, but they know the need to be focused and motivated.

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The Dungeon is what some call the classes held in the basement of the CSUF Pollack Library (PLS46), but in reality they are far from it.

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This Dungeon, in reality is the Broadcast Journalism Main Lab and it is used as a lab and lecture room. It  is equipped with 20 iMac computers to be used during the class.

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These computers are 27″ and used for editing video for news report packages.

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Assignments can be challenging however some students have fun with them.

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Ashley Pellegrini (in foreground) works on her first photo essay named “Princess Catalina “. Read her post about “Beauty and Grace”.

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Future student reporters are facing a challenging industry that requires them to master a variety of computer programs and technology.

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Class meetings can last up to 4 hours and that can be tiresome no matter how much the instructor tries to keep the students interested.

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For now, the biggest challenge for the students is how to make their time productive and beneficial. Almost all of them know that they are facing a challenging profession that requires hard work and dedication.


by Eraj Shadaram