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Swamp meet vendors


The swamp meet is, in other words, a pop-up mall that is only open Saturday’s and Sunday’s at a community college parking lot. It provides the public the opportunity to go eat, shop and relax.

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About The Show

The report is a bi-weekly news magazine style show with all of the latest news expanding from hot topics, campus events, local and statewide news, as well as national and international headlines.


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Students Prepare for the Challenge

Comm 372 (1) - 2 of 12

Future broadcaster, Erdavria Simpson, is thrilled to learn and create demo-reels for her class. Each year hundreds of student like Erdavria enroll in College of Communications classes to pursue an exciting career in broadcasting. As part of their education, they must spend hours in classes and labs to learn writing, reporting and storytelling using the latest in computer technology.

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Brock Howard – Demo Reel

This is my very first demo reel composed of different projects created by myself in a TV News Production class at Cal State Fullerton.




Follow me through my journey of digital storytelling on The Report Program.

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Michael Patterson – Demo Reel

Cory Mak — Demo Reel

Demo Reel by: Cory Mak

Take a look at some highlights and compilations of my work anchoring, reporting, and covering for The Report Program this semester.


Hiba Bary Demo Reel

Maricela Perez- Spring ’18 Demo Reel

Tamika Adams – Demo Reel

As an aspiring multimedia journalist and producer, I have compiled clips and footage from my student work at Cal State University, Fullerton. The reel includes graphics, stand-ups, anchor work, videography, and a sample package. Enjoy and thanks for watching!


Alyssa Freyder- Demo Reel

This is a compilation of my work as a reporter, anchor, editor, videographer, and a complete package.

Brenda Gonzalez- Demo Reel

A short recap of some of my reporting work for for Comm 372!

Ryan Matthey – Demo Reel

This demo reel is a compilation of my work as a student at California State University, Fullerton. It includes stand-ups, anchor work, videography, and packages.

Demo-Reel: Courtnee Bo

Demo-Reel by: Courtnee Bo

A highlight of some of my stand ups, anchoring, and stories.  Continue reading “Demo-Reel: Courtnee Bo”

Leslie Duarte

Three years  of hard work at Cal state Fullerton University has paid off. Here is a clip that show cases my work.

The Report Program | Class Edition 5-10-18

In this episode, reporters explore the news industry and the trends on how we get our news.

Sun God Festival at UC San Diego

Reported By Brock Howard

The Sun God Festival is a student-curated, daylong music and arts festival at UC San Diego and is also named as one of Live Nation’s “Top 5 College Concerts That Should Be Actual Festivals.” 2018 will mark the Universities 36th annual Sun God Festival.


We Pledge Allegiance to One Broadcast, Under the United Stations of Sinclair

Reported by: Ryan Matthey

Sinclair Broadcast Group may be the most influential media company you have never heard of. Their domination of local television stations, however, is leading many media consumers down a dangerous path.

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Consuming News & Trends

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 12.04.04 PM.png

Reported by: Carlos Andrade III

Take a sneak peak into the latest and greatest of social media. Find the newest forms of social media and how the population around the world consumes news.

Could Snapchat be the Future of Journalism?

Reported by: Michael Patterson

In July of 2017, NBC launched “Stay Tuned,” a Snapchat-based news broadcast that aired exclusively on the mobile platform. In it’s short existence, it has perhaps provided an alternative to the traditional medium of news.

The show format has also reached an audience that has previously been unreachable, young people. Which begs the question: is Snapchat the future of digital journalism?

News Consumption in the Digital Age

Reported By Brock Howard

With the increase of news consumption through mobile devices and through social media platforms, is the traditional TV news and newspaper format on the verge of extinction?


Sponsored Content

BFM-Header-Image-2Reported By: Alyssa Freyder 

One of the newest trends in today’s media is sponsored content. Sponsored Content is when advertisers or endorsers tell the consumer that they are reading or watching an advertisement. This type of content can be seen in social media, blogs, and newspapers. This latest trend is helping the advertising and print journalism industries in more ways than one. Continue reading “Sponsored Content”

News papers are out, so how are people getting their news?


By: Leslie Duarte

The change in times and culture have changed how people consume their news. Most millennials have not picked up a newspaper in years. Should the Print industry be worried or how will they appeal to the change in times. Report Leslie Duarte has more on the story.

The Battle Among News Platforms

With the rapid growth of smartphones people have all the information in the world at their fingertips. However, when it comes to news consumption what type of medium does the modern generation use?

Reporting by Hiba Bary

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Millennials, how do they gather their news?

Reported By: Brenda Gonzalez

It’s true when they say that nothing is ever the same. The way news was read and delivered was different than how people read and receive their news. Millennials are changing how they get their news.

How did Facebook change their news feed?

Reported by Tamika Adams

As trends of online news fluctuate,  tech companies like Facebook and Google alter what you see on sophisticated algorithms. But are these tools changing the way we interact with news and access to information we need to have a stable democracy?

Consumerism Changing News

social media wallpaper

Reported by Cory Mak

News today is consumed differently than it was a few generations ago. Traditional news outlets such as print journalism are quickly being replaced with online site counterparts.

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Will the news industry survive the internet?

Reporter: Maricela Perez

Today, millennial’s are gathering most of their news online and the newspaper industry is slowly disappearing. The invention of portable devices, is making it easier for millennial’s to attain news instantly at their finger tips. This digital world is making newspapers abandon their traditional methods of sharing news and pushing them to become more digital.

There’s No Such Thing As Bad Press

kanye copyReported By: Courtnee Bo

Nowadays we consume most of our news online and report on things that stir up controversy. Celebrities like Donald Trump and Kanye West understand how to utilize bad press. The understanding the saying, “there is no such thing as bad publicity”. They continue to show up in the media with new controversies to get their name out there.

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The Report Program | Class Edition 5-3-18

In this episode, reporters explore guns, violence, and freedom in our society. From sexual assault in schools to the second amendment rights to Orange County’s worse mass shooting are some of the subjects of this program.

The Report Program | Class Edition 4-26-18

In this episode, reporters explore the net neutrality and different implications of social media on the millenniums.

Guns & It’s Changes for 2018


Reported by: Carlos Andrade

Listen in as we learn more about gun laws and what changes are to come for the gun owner communities all around the nation. We take a trip to our local gunshop store Bolsa Gunsmithing.

A closer look at the AR 15

By: Leslie Duarte

Today the gun debate is divided between one side saying it a right  to own guns and the side saying that- guns should be regulated. Many have opinions about guns, but only a few know about them. To get a better understanding on America’s most popular gun. I spoke to an expert in Orange  County, Ca

Guns & Violence Glorified in American Culture

Reported By Brock Howard

The Popularity of guns in America has a strong connection with gun violence being glorified through movies, video games, music, and other media.

As the gun debate continues American pop culture’s praise for guns and violence continues to grow. How can America fix it’s gun problem?


Freedom & Opinions

Reported By: Brenda Gonzalez

Freedom is a gift, a possession we’re afraid to loose. Having freedom allows us to voice our opinions, our ideas and our beliefs.

Government response to student walkouts

Reporter: Maricela Perez

After varies walkouts, government officials respond. President Trump offers solutions, but activists disagree with his proposal of arming teachers and Delaware passes a gun control bill. The Beau Biden Bill, makes it more difficult for individuals with mental illnesses to attain a firearm.

Accidental Gun Injuries Among Children

Reported by: Michael Patterson

Sexual Assault on College Campuses


Reported by: Alyssa Freyder

Sexual assault is one of the most problematic crimes on college campuses nationwide. California State University Fullerton is making sure to educate its students to prevent sexual assault. There are also numerous resources provided for victims to report or receive consolation. If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault please contact the WoMen’s Center, University Police, Counseling and Psychological Services, or a professor to talk about your options. 

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Why does the Second Amendment exist?

Reported by Tamika Adams

As the trend of mass shootings and gun violence sweeps the nation, experts are reexamining the role of guns in American culture. Professor Sharon Sekhon, American Studies professor Continue reading “Why does the Second Amendment exist?”

Teachers with Guns


Reported by: Cory Mak

With School Shooting becoming more and more frequent, it seems the answer is to equip teachers with guns as a solution to preventing gun violence in the classroom.

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A Movement for the Younger Generation

On Saturday March 24, hundreds of thousands of protesters marched for gun reform after the deadly Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Reporting by Hiba Bary


Freedom of Violence on College Campuses

Reported by: Ryan Matthey

Every college campus stresses the value of individual free speech. However, should this freedom institute violence when disagreements arise? Continue reading “Freedom of Violence on College Campuses”

Orange County’s Deadliest Mass Shooting


Reported by: Courtnee Bo

In a quaint Southern California beach community a gunman attacked a local hair salon.  The shooter intended to kill his ex-wife who worked at the salon due to a custody battle.  The rest of the victims were referred to as collateral according to the shooter. One survivor, Cindy Minshall, recalls the tragic even and shares her story.

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The Rise of Social Media: The Decline of Social Interaction

Reported By Brock Howard

With Social Media continuing to grow and becoming more important in our daily lives, the amount of traditional face to face interaction is decreasing at a fast rate. Is society becoming to dependent on social media as a means of communication? Do we really want to live our lives on the screen or in the real world?



Earth Day at the beach

By: Leslie Duarte 

On Sunday  April 22. people around the world Celebrated earth day. The theme this year was, “End plastic pollution.Across the state people gathered to demonstrate support for a clean environment. At Huntington Beach a team of more than 400 people collected trash of the cost. According to The surprise foundation cigarette butts are the single most collected item at its beach cleanups and CalTrans estimates it costs $41 million annually to clean up cigarette buttsCalifornia legislators and environmental activists have been fight plastic pollution for years. In fact California was on on the first states to ban single use plastic with 52 % voter approval. This year lawmakers are going after cigarette butts. Lawmakers prosed a new bill that would ban smoking on state beaches. Although many cities and county beaches already have such prohibitions. This bill would have a maximum fine of $25 and allow park officials to designate smoking areas.

Social Media Picks Millennials


Reported by Cory Mak

It isn’t obvious that social media has taken over the way millennials choose and pick what lifestyle they want, but how far has this gone on?

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Social Media, It’s not so bad!

Social Media is sometimes perceived as being negative, a devil for destruction. But many don’t perceive it as being such. Social media has its positives. It’s all based on the user and how that person will use it.

Reported by: Brenda Gonzalez

Fortnite Takes Over the World on Social Media

Reported by: Michael Patterson

Chances are if you don’t play Fortnite, someone close to you probably does. The free-to-play battle royal game has taken the world by storm and has begun to make it’s way into many facets of popular culture. Just last month, rapper Drake teamed with the popular live-streamer Ninja to play the game. The broadcast broke the record for the most watched video game live stream in history.

“Likes Anxiety”


Reporter: Maricela Perez

Experts say, social media may be anxiety-provoking; especially, among teens because they utilize likes on posts as data on how much people like them or find them attractive.

Social Media & Coachella



Listen in as social media shows the importance of positive effects on the millennial generation at such festivals like Coachella.



Social Media and the Age of Depression



Reported By: Alyssa Freyder

Social media use has become extremely prominent in today’s society, with easier access to them on smart phones. Social media has many positives which include connecting us to other parts of the world, keeping in contact with family and friends, and more. But overuse of social media can lead to increased depression, envy, and loneliness. Maybe it’s time for a social media break.  Continue reading “Social Media and the Age of Depression”

Social Media Increasing Depression in Millennials

A 2016 study was conducted by the University of Pittsburgh which determined social media causes depression in young adults. However, it raises the question, does social media in reality connect or disconnect people?

Reporting by Hiba Bary

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Conture Your Makeup Career with Social Media

Reported by: Ryan Matthey

The beauty industry is larger than ever before and social media may be to blame. A new generation of makeup artists have found social media to be their greatest ally, using it to promote their art and gain notoriety.

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