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Swamp meet vendors


The swamp meet is, in other words, a pop-up mall that is only open Saturday’s and Sunday’s at a community college parking lot. It provides the public the opportunity to go eat, shop and relax.

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The report is a bi-weekly news magazine style show with all of the latest news expanding from hot topics, campus events, local and statewide news, as well as national and international headlines.


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Students Prepare for the Challenge

Comm 372 (1) - 2 of 12

Future broadcaster, Erdavria Simpson, is thrilled to learn and create demo-reels for her class. Each year hundreds of student like Erdavria enroll in College of Communications classes to pursue an exciting career in broadcasting. As part of their education, they must spend hours in classes and labs to learn writing, reporting and storytelling using the latest in computer technology.

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Huntington Beach, more than Surfing.

Nowadays with millennialls taking over, we have been seen new popular trends arise. For instance, food. It is not out of the ordinary to be a “foodie” these days. In this very small video, we take you to explore Huntington Beach, also known as SurfCity,  on the wide variety of restaurants and gastronomic areas.

Reported by Alejandra Trueba


The Fulfillment Fund and a Legacy of Changing Lives

Reported by: Alyssa Freyder


A Legacy for Changing Lives Gala is honoring Cherna and Gary Gitnick for their forty years of service. They are co-founders of the Fulfillment Fund, a foundation dedicated to making college a reality for the younger generations. Many celebrities came out to support the foundation and the importance of a college education. The foundation plans to continue growing and help youth all over the nation.

Gay Culture vs Drag Culture


By Cory Mak

Club and bars with drag shows are often hosted all over the world by queens from the show allowing the world to catch a glimpse into the lives of gay culture, mini stages are lit up by queens that sing, dance, act, do comedy, etc.

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Holi Hangout

The spring equinox begins on March 20th and to mark the start of the new season the International Friendship Club at CSUF hosted the event Holi Hangout. Holi, also known as the festival of colors, is a traditional Hindu holiday that celebrates the victory of good versus evil.

Reporting by Hiba Bary

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The Life of Jacob Perez

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Santa Ana River homeless encampment is cleared


Reporter: Maricela Perez

A federal judge uplifts the straining order and Orange County clears the homeless encampment from alongside the Santa Ana River. Many of them wonder where they will go.

Titan Recreation Center: The Perfect Place to Balance Work and Play

The Titan Recreation Center right on the CSUF Campus is the perfect place to go and balance your school work with getting active and exercising. It is important for students to go out and get active , to get their mind off the stresses of school work for a while and get exercise. Going to the Titan Recreation Center is also a great way to meet new people and socialize with fellow Titans!

Reported by Brock Howard, CSUF News

Is more guns on campus the answer?

Due to recent tragedies and rising anxieties, Continue reading “Is more guns on campus the answer?”

OC Animal Care Center is Moving

BY: Leslie Duarte

The OC animal care center is moving to Tustin. The Shelter has been in the city of orange sine 1950, and is beloved by the community, but the move will bring better quality for the animals and staff. PLAY VIDEO

Southern California Special Olympics Athletes Suit Up for 2018 Floor Hockey Championship

Reported by: Michael Patterson

This past weekend, over 200 Special Olympics athletes from across Southern California came to Huntington Beach to compete in the 2018 Floor Hockey Championship.

The tournament looked to promote competition and inclusion for children and adults with intellectual disabilities through sports.

Working for the Mouse Isn’t Always Working for the Wallet


Reported by: Ryan Matthey

While Mickey Mouse is always grinning ear to ear, many of his employees are not. A recent survey of Disneyland Resort union workers is sparking the discussion of fair pay for cast members and how they may achieve it.

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Be prepared! You never know when they’ll hit.


Living in a state where the weather is perfect makes it a desirable place to live at. But only those who live here know that as Californians we live with fright because “The Big One” is long due and ready to strike.
Living in a sunny state, with little rains dries our land and kills our plants. Making it vulnerable to catch on fire easily.
It is crucial to be ready for such unexpected hits. CERT, is a community program that is willing to help out the community to know how to act in case of a natural disaster or emergency.

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Social Media Is The New Form Of Advertising

insta food

Reported By: Courtnee Bo

Restaurants have been using platforms such as instagram and facebook to market their latest or most popular items. The consistent traction to their pages has helped many businesses gain more customers creating a chain reaction for other restaurants to make “picture worthy” food.

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CSUF Student debate Gun Control in America.



Gun control

By: Leslie Duarte

One would think that after Sandy hook, Las Vegas, and now Parkland, Florida we would have fixed our gun laws, but  again we are here talking about gun laws in America. Cal State Fullerton student have some ideas on how to fix the issue.

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Intramural Sports at the Titan Recreation Center

Reported by Brock Howard

maxresdefaultThe Intramural sports season is almost underway for the spring semester and the Titan Recreation Center is encouraging all students to get involved. Have fun competing against your fellow Titans in all kinds of different sports from Soccer to Quidditch for a fee of just $10, but hurry because the season starts on February 26!


By: Carlos Andrade III


Listen for the best advice, & incite on what should be done for a healthier lifestyle. 2018 is the year for change and nothing bad has ever come out of listening from fellow Titan stories to change.


Millennials, the worst generation?

There are many factors that affect the characteristics of this new generation, but just as adults find in us as much defects they can, we also have our virtues. We are the entrepreneurs of the future, the evolutionary innovators of our country’s economy.

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Disneyland Increases Admission Prices, Hurting Students

Disneyland Photo

Reported by: Michael Patterson

The Walt Disney Company has increased prices to their parks once again this past Monday in an attempt to offset park expansion costs. Read More

STD Rates on the Rise


Reported by: Alyssa Freyder

Sexually transmitted diseases have been increasing drastically in the past few years. The Orange County and college communities are being impacted the most by these increases. It is stated that one in two young people will contract an STD by the age of 25. Doctors and college students speculate on why this is happening and what can be done to prevent it from getting worse. 


Coping With SoCal Commuting


Is the drive grinding you down? You are not alone. Based on startling new statistics, Southern California drivers are the most unhappy and stressed Americans on the road.

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Millenial’s Attention Spans and The Way We Communicate


Reporting By: Cory Mak

With Millenials now leading the industries, communication has shifted onto an online world through the use of social media and other platforms simultaneously. With the introduction of shorthand texting, emojis, and new communication methods limited to a character box, millenials have changed the way we interact.

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Love at First Swipe?


Reported by: Ryan Matthey

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to find human connection via online dating apps such as Tinder. The popularity of these web services is in part due to not imposing any commitment on its users, leaving those looking for long-term romance on long-term wild-goose chases.


The Fitness Industry is Booming


LRM_EXPORT_20180222_021039By: Maricela Perez

As social media is growing, so is the fitness industry. This industry is becoming more and more influential in peoples healthy lifestyles.

The Struggle before the Reward..for First-Generation College Students

By: Brenda Gonzalez

College itself is a scary journey, but for students the challenge is greater. Some college students can’t get the help, the guidance, and the assistance at home. First-generation college students are given that extra help outside from home in order to succeed and find their way before and after college.


Mass Shootings Through a Student’s Eyes


Photo courtesy of CNN

Reported By: Courtnee Bo

On February 14, 2018 another mass shooting struck America at a high school in Parkland, Florida.  The students have decided that this was enough and use any platform they can to speak for a reform on gun control policies.  They use the #neveragain to archive their movement.  CSUF student Chelsea Garcia, who survived the Las Vegas shooting, feels for the Parkland students and stands with them supporting a reform on gun control.


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Cal State Fullerton’s Hidden Gem

Stressed? A mess? The TSU Underground is the best coping method when it comes to dealing with those moments as a college student.

Reporting by Hiba Bary

The Target is Change




Here at the Target on Yorba Linda next to Cal State Fullerton, changes are arriving this spring  as early as March or April.

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A Day in the Life of a Firefighter

Reported by Alyssa Freyder

Firefighters do so much for our country every day. They attend to medical emergencies as well as fires, as well as maintaining their engines and equipment.  Continue reading “A Day in the Life of a Firefighter”

A Night at Disneyland: My trip through Space Mountain

Reported by Brock Howard

The front entrance of Disneyland has a multitude of visitors either leaving or just entering the park with mixed emotions on each face. Some faces of relief and of exhaustion, on the other hand those entering the park have looks of excitement and anxiousness.

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Soy Yo Festival at Cal State Fullerton

February 5, 2018


Reported by Tamika Adams

In an effort to provide cultural awareness and exploring different parts of Latinx identities, the Chicana and Chicano Resource Center in collaboration with the Housing and Residental Engagement Department created the So Yo Festival. Which translates to “to be”. Continue reading “Soy Yo Festival at Cal State Fullerton”

The Thomas Fire: Two Months Later

1 shot

Reported by Michael Patterson

Just over two months ago; many parts of Ventura County, such as The Ojai Valley became engulfed in flames by The Thomas Fire. The largest wildfire in California’s recorded history. Continue Reading

Santa Ana Artwalk Gives Exposure to Local Artists

Reported by Ryan Matthey

Artists of all calibers join together to showcase their work during the Artwalk in Downtown Santa Ana. On the first Saturday of every month, the vibrant scene gives visibility to painters, musicians, dancers, fashion designers and other artists despite their level of previous recognition. Continue reading “Santa Ana Artwalk Gives Exposure to Local Artists”

Art that speaks louder than words

Reported by: Maricela Perez

TADLA 5.png
The Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles is decorated with vibrant colored artwork. Art that expresses, inspires and has a message or a historical meaning.

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King of the Hammers 2018


 Once every year thousands of spectators & competitors roll into Johnson Valley to race in King of the Hammers

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Two countries, One city.

Reported by: Alejandra Trueba

 It never ceases to amaze me what you can find inside a city, and even more when it has to do with different cultures. One across the pacific ocean far away, one across the border but both close with a little representation within the great city of Los Angeles. Continue reading

The Undocumented Americans march for their citizenship

Reported By: Leslie Duarte


On Saturday February  3rd, hundreds of dreamer met at the UCLA campus in Westwood to rally for a Clean Dream Act. Their message was for congress to pass fair immigration policies.


Some people forget that DACA recipients are diverse in culture, race, age, religion sex and gender. The attendants on Saturday’s march reflected that diversity and made the march one of the most diverse DACA rally yet.


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Losing the Love of Your Life

Reported By: Courtnee Bo

After spending more than 70 years with someone, how does one cope when they’re gone?  Grieving the loss of a loved one is hard, but not if someone is surrounded by others.

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Recruiting for ETC

It’s the start of a new semester and the Entertainment & Tourism Club is looking for new members! Cal State Fullerton’s largest communications club offers students rare opportunities to network with top industry professionals, attend TV tapings, work/attend prestigious award shows and more!

Reporting by Hiba Bary

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By Leslie Duarte

I’m little with a big heart. I love what I do and you can find me on the Titan TV youtube Channel — The Report CSUF– I discuss controversial topics that affect my community an nation. This is the link to the latest episode.



Tamika Adams – Digital Storyteller


From audio to visual storytelling, I strive to find human connections and showcase them in digital formats. I’m excited to collaborate and share stories of the OC and beyond. Follow me @_tamika_adams on Twitter for developing stories –

Marijuana Dispensaries

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Changes to Disney’s California Adventure

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Online dating

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Anger on the road

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Fullerton Hills Scare

Dec. 6th, on the 900 block of Laguna Rd., a two-alarm fire broke out in the midst of raging Santa Ana winds. Quick and concise response by emergency personnel ensured the safety of the residents and their property.

High Tuition, but is it Worth it?

By now we are all too aware of the rising costs of tuition and education in general in this country. But is this expensive, lengthy process preparing us for a successful career or has it grown into another business out to make a buck?

Mia agraviador’s Demo Reel

Emma Perla Demo Reel




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Jessica Lucero’s Reporting Reel

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